Tuesday, January 29, 2008

MMAS: Perry Does Casey

In episode three of Make Me A Supermodel, it was revealed that Dominic Prietto had the least amount of viewers' votes for those in the bottom three, and he left the catwalk stating he would make himself a supermodel. It had been between him, Ben DiChiara, and Katy and my preference was that Katy should leave. One reason is that both Dominic and Ben have been in my top four. The other reason is that the female models have already shown they are bunch of catty bitches. Frankie Godoy has been good at letting the girls know how nasty they are when they were badmouthing Dominic and Frankie himself. The show would be better off by getting rid of all the females as quickly as possible.

Ben got to stay in the house and no one was happier than Ronnie Kroell. Ronnie still absurdly calls Ben his main competition but he wants Ben to stay in the house as long as possible. Ronnie says that he has feelings for the straight, married Ben and that he interprets Ben's polite and restrained response to Ronnie's frequent touching as "mixed signals". Ronnie unfortunately is accelerating down the path of becoming the pathetic, stereotypical creepy gay character that tries constantly to fondle and seduce an unattainable straight guy. He knows that he is on TV and he should be thinking about being a gay role model and not a slutty predator.

Perry UllmannThe photo segment was focused on showing chemistry between pairs of models. The best pair of the shoot was Perry Ullmann and Casey Skinner. Once again, it is shown that erotic photos with all straight male models are exceptionally smoking. Also, it shows that once straight guys find out that other guys don't have coodies, there's nothing to it.

The catwalk assignment was to use a combination of equestrian and fetish. Considering it was such an interesting theme, the models were incredibly boring with the exception of the combo of Perry and Casey again. Perry has a great acting ability and he seems to be able to inspire Casey to be better than he might otherwise have been. It was an easy task for the judges this week to pick Perry as the week's top model.

Holly, Aryn and Jay were selected as the bottom three. I think the judges have been letting Jay coast along so far, but this week I think he was probably brought down further by his partner who appeared not to be able to feel any chemistry with a black dude. As stated above, I'm rooting for another one of the cats to leave.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Janice Dickinson And Furry Friends

In season three, episode seven of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, we finally get to see the behind the scenes view of the PETA protest from last year. When the event happened in real life it seemed to have come out of the blue and it wasn't clear at the time why it was happening. Now we can see what prompted the situation and what the models had actually been thinking. Unfortunately, I don't think this particular protest theme (of near nudity) has ever been effective for PETA and it probably totally distracts from the actual message. Most people seeing it have 99% of their mind on leering at the protesters and taking pictures (you can see some on the Brian Kehoe page).

If I keep it real here, I have to say that there is no logical difference between leather and fur, other than the fact that fur-bearing animals are a lot cuter than cows. So it is not clear why fur is the center of attention. The campaign really should be to end any inhumane treatment of animals used for food or clothing, while realizing that in nature, living beings do sometimes use other living beings for their own purpose.

Christian PrelleI appreciate everyone who participated to express their beliefs. Ethical treatment of animals, per se, is a worthy cause. I also have an even greater respect for J.P. Calderon for coming to the defense of Ligia after she was harangued by Christian Prelle for not participating. It's always sad when someone is being attacked and the majority stand back and do nothing. I don't know that we as a society should ever hope to be successful in protecting animals when we won't even protect each other.

On a lighter note, the casting and shoot for Dragonfly by Edward Dada was amusing to see what dead rock stars anybody thought the JDMA models looked like. Payton Brady was selected to be Elvis Presley and I think he certainly is reminiscent of the King. Unfortunately, the spirit of Elvis had definitely left the building and Payton was left unsure on how to channel it into his poses. Someone get that boy some blue suede shoes.

Payton Brady
Brian Kehoe was selected for the shoot, but I couldn't think of who he would be cast as. Kehoe is a one of a kind and no lookalike dead rockers come to mind. To my surprise he was supposed to be Sid Vicious (before he died). Well, heroin addict is not something I would ever think of when I see Kehoe. However, Crystal Trueheart did do a convincing Nancy Spungen (also, as she was before she died).

Note: Tom Bridegroom, one of the finalists for the SensiClear infomercial is hot.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MMAS: Up In The Air

Dominc PriettoIn episode two of Make Me A Supermodel, Dominic Prietto survived the first viewer elimination. The announcement of the results took place at the beginning of the show and it's apparent that this ceremony each episode is going to be filled with excruciatingly boring and manufactured drama. The judges talk in slow motion with long pauses in between statements. This is the kind of thing that Tivo is made for. You need to just fast forward and see which model walks off. Besides, that gets you to the unclothed scenes of the models sooner.

Most of the female models were noticeably unhappy about Dominic staying and Casey Skinner actually called him a bitch. Whatever they are talking about, it must be off camera before now because I haven't seen Dominic do anything that would deserve such criticism. However, I believe the combination of his inexperience and the effect of these negative remarks on the viewers are not going to allow him to get much farther in the competition.

Ben DiChiaraAfter the elimination ceremony, the show takes us to Cutler Salon, where the models get their hair updated. Owner Rodney Cutler, wanting to make Holly's hair unique, asked her, "Do you want to follow fashion or do you want to develop fashion? You don't want to be current. You want to be ahead of the curve." Cory Bautista of New York Model Management, who was standing there listening, had previously complained about Holly's hair not fitting the New York standard. Hopefully, Cory will learn a thing or two from the experts this season and stop trying to fit his models into narrow molds. He shouldn't be trying to copy the current look, he should be creating a new one.

Next the models get their bodies waxed. Wasn't Ronnie Kroell told the previous week that body hair was "in" when it was noticed that he had shaved his chest? Very confusing.

Ronnie Kroell
For the photo shoot this week, the models get into an aerial harness. Ronnie was first and during his session it became clear to me how all-important the models' physical facial features are. Skill and attitude are so less significant when it comes to being able to do a good photo. As an example, Ronnie's face is very expressive even when he is in relaxed, casual conversation. His brows, eye folds, the spacing between the eyes, and the mouth lines allow him to make all kinds of expressions with hardly any effort. This gives him a huge advantage over a lot of the other models regardless of any of their intensity or drive to succeed.

Ben DiChiara was next and the photographer sounded so dumb barking commands at him. It showed the human tendency just to shout louder when you realize that you are not being understood. Ben is not experienced so she might have just as well have been screaming in ancient Hebrew at him. She should have just talked to him and explained more clearly for what she was looking.

Ben DiChiara
Perry Ullmann managed to keep his junk from being injured by the wires and produced his usual smoldering, sexy shots, as did Dominic.

Perry Ullmann
Later at dinner the models answer pointed questions that were intended to generate controversy. Ronnie gave a bitchy response that Dominic was the weakest model. That shows you can be a high-class model with a low-class personality. Ronnie also absurdly tried to flatter Ben by saying that Ben was his biggest competition. It was clearly more of a statement reflecting Ronnie's crush on Ben and not one indicating an accurate assessment of the contest. Ronnie should keep in mind that Ben is married and off-limits and so he should keep his public comments cooled down.

Ben DiChiaraBen said that he thought that compliments from a gay guy were worthwhile. This is of course very valid. Whereas straight women may tell a straight man that he is attractive because they admire his personality, his career, his bank account, or his car, a gay man is judging solely on the exterior view. It is a detailed scoring system that deducts major points for even the slightest defects, so when you get a high grade from a gay man it is high praise indeed.

The runway component for this episode featured costume designs from Heatherette. Frankly, I would rather see drag costumes by Chris from Project Runway. The judges decided that Dominic and Ben (along with Katy) would be in the bottom three subjected to the viewers' votes. I would like to keep both my guys, but it will probably be Dominic discarded next week.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Janice Dickinson And Manly Men

In season three, episode six of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, the fanfare for the uncommon man, the Rufskin Denim shoot, shot it's wad of photos and it was a good but sticky situation.

The four models in the shoot, Michael Anderson, Maurice Townsell, Danny Nunez, and Christian Prelle got ready by doing a lot of sit-ups and push-ups and the exertion really paid off. Their glazed bodies showed every appropriate line and curve that naturally screamed, "I am the ultimate in the male of the human species." In particular, Christian Prelle's classic sensual S-curve and forward thrusting pelvis were a dominating presence on the set, demanding both respect and reverence. He said that the clothes were a little risqué for his tastes, but they were generally minor accessories to the main subjects, which were the models themselves.

Danny NunezDuring the shoot, Janice pulls Danny Nunez aside to counsel him to apply more intensity and find something in his head (or perhaps in his pants) to ram through the camera lens. She suggested that maybe he didn't like posing the way he was, and dressed the way he was, while standing with the two other male models. I don't think that was the problem at all. Danny is a real professional who willingly follows direction to get the best shot. It was more likely just inexperience that was causing him to hold back a little for a scene with which he wasn't familiar.

He talked about how it seemed that he was being cast for jobs that involved little or no clothes and that had a "gay" theme. He expressed a hope that he would get "manlier" types of jobs in the future.

I totally understand that that was youthful naiveté speaking and he just needs me to set him straight (so to speak) on what is really going on. Danny boy, you get jobs that show off your body because it is a work of art. You wouldn't expect to see the real Michaelangelo's David displayed with a polo shirt and a pair of Dockers covering it. And in this case, a "gay theme" equates to a sense of hyper masculinity. People want you in their photos exactly because you do look so manly. You're dripping pure testosterone. It may be to some that modeling sweatpants and a sports jersey is "manlier" than what you have been modeling, but those people would be idiots and that kind of job would only get you a small image in the back of the Sears catalog. You're doing great with what you have been doing.

Danny NunezAs the Rufskin shoot progressed Danny and the others indicated that they were getting more comfortable with it. They experienced the enlightenment that being in close contact with other men isn't so scary after all. It only makes sense that if guys can be comfortable wrestling and grabbing in stretchy unitards trying to pin each other down or be completely naked together in gym showers, then this kind of thing is nothing. They also realized that the whole concept was to be as "straight" as possible while wearing clothes that accentuated their orientation, not disguised it.

For the record, for me the penultimate shot was the one with a wet Danny, seated on the ground with legs wide and teeth clenching a waistband. I want a life-size poster of that.

Danny NunezThe other highpoint of the episode was the J.P. Calderon arranged (by Janice's son Nathan) date with Rodrido de Carli. It's funny that Brian Kehoe couldn't get Rodrigo and J.P together but Nathan could. Along with Traci Moslenko, they all go to a water park. J.P is content to kiss Rodrigo in public, but that makes it even less clear why J.P. was concerned earlier that low-rise Rufskin jeans would make him look gay while kissing a guy at a water park didn't seen to faze him.

J.P. CalderonKudos to Janice for her sensitivity during the SensiClear casting and the one-on-one time with CC. Janice is a nice lady.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

More Brett! More Pickel!

Since the end of America's Most Smartest Model, I've gone through several bouts of Brett Novek withdrawal. The main symptom is a sensation of spinning as if on a rotating platform, coupled with an intermittent urge to express a certain four letter word. To ease the effects of the withdrawal I have tried to imagine what could be some good future projects for Brett and his friend and fellow contestant Jeff Pickel to engage in.

The first thought was remakes of classic movies. For some reason, the first one that came to mind was Beaches. In a male version, I decided that Pickel could play the C.C. role, while Brett would take the place of Barbara Hershey. I think I could easily go through a box or two of tissue with these two guys as the leads.

The second movie I thought of was Top Gun. Brett would play Maverick, Pickel would be Goose, VJ Logan would antagonize as Ice, and Andre would of course be MiG Pilot #2.

If these roles should prove too much of a stretch then there are some things that would really play to their strengths. Disembodied Pickel floating through episode nine of AMSM showed that he would be perfect to do a copy of the Julie Brown show from the early 90's, Just Say Julie. A "Just Say Pickel" show with Pickel floating through other people's videos while making wry comments would be hilarious.

For Brett, I think the best star vehicle would be a clone of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. A "Brett Richards" character would be a perfect match for this real life guy "who can turn the world on with his smile; who can take a nothing day, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile."

If it should turn out that acting is not really their thing then a cool show idea would be a "Brett and Pickel Do America" roadtrip show, where the two travel around the country and have comic interactions with local yokels. I suggest Indianapolis as the initial destination for obvious reasons.

It would also be nice to be able to buy Brett and Pickel merchandise. As fashion models a good tie-in would be a Colorforms kit with cardboard cutouts of our favorite dress-up duo. It would have a lot of fun outfits to stick on them. For awhile I have been fantasizing about seeing them both in lederhosen and this toy would allow me to make my dream come true.

If none of this should ever come to fruition, at least I have my personally customized Mystery Date game with the taped on picture of Brett as the dreamboat and VJ as the dud.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

MMAS: The Models Move In

Perry UllmannIn episode one of Make Me A Supermodel, the fourteen contestants move into their New York apartment, burn their clothes, and parade around in underwear and skimpy swimwear. Lord love kooky reality shows featuring male models.

At the beginning of the show, the models immediately start working by doing a photo shoot in Times Square. Though the temperature was below freezing, photographer Lee Strickland had the models pose in summer wear while being outside on a platform in the middle of it all.

Dominic Prietto was first and I think his photos came out pretty good. He photographs better than he appears on videotape. Ben DiChiara was next and although Lee thought Ben wasn't very versatile because of his close cropped hair, Ben's attitude about it all shows he's up for anything in order to do a good job. He had to wear pink pants and a pink scarf but he looked totally at ease and made it work. Later Perry Ullman went out and Lee loved him even though his hair is just as short as Ben's. I don't like when people's critiques are not consistent. I also don't like when people imitate faggy lisps as Perry did to show how he felt about the flamboyant clothes he had to wear. Of course he's a character and I'm sure he's going to say a lot of crazy things. Ronnie Kroell went out with a smile but not much reason for one since I think he had the ugliest clothes to model. How did the gay model get the dullest outfit?

Ben DiChiaraThe models go see the apartment for the first time and Ronnie and Ben decide to be roommates. It looks like Ronnie and I share similar tastes.

The next morning the models are told there are going to a go-see and they all dress up in their best clothes. Instead they are taken to see a burning garbage can and told to throw something they are wearing into the fire to symbolize discarding their old lives. They are encouraged by co-host Tyson Beckford to show how much they want to win by throwing in as much as possible. Anyone who has played these kind of mind games at a corporate retreat would know what a load of crap this is. Unfortunately, most of the models are too naive to see how stupid it is or to tell Tyson to throw his own clothes in the fire if he really believes it is such good therapy. Dominic wisely kept his clothes on and suggested that the people that burned all of their clothes were just tools. He's got a good head on his shoulders.

Ronnie KroellAfterwards they purposely stand around in standard issue underwear for exhibition before Cory Bautista, Director of New York Model Mangement. Cory tells thin Dominic, who has a 38" chest and 30" waist, that he looks good, while telling Ben, who lost 20 pounds since the casting, that he lost too much. It's a great thing in this country that you can be President of the country or Director of a modeling agency and still be hopelessly wrong about a lot of important things. Bottom line is that Ben looks incredibly fit.

Ben DiChiaraCory tells one of the female models that her hairstyle won't work in New York. In this election season where "change" is what its all about, I get sick of hearing on these modeling shows how there is only one standard and no one must be allowed to veer from it. Agencies should be on the cutting edge of pushing change in looks and styles and not constantly conforming to the ways things are.

The episode ends with a swimsuit runway featuring parke & ronen. By luck of the draw Ben had to wear a thong, but it really wasn't very revealing. It only showed a slightly saucy set of cheeks. The judges criticized him for looking to much like a prison guard walking on the runway. Uh, prison guard in a thong. What beside everything is wonderfully right about that picture?

BenDiChiaraOf the favored four (Dominic, Ben, Perry, and Ronnie) Dominic was put in the set of three to be voted on by the public. Its too soon for him to go so I'm sure he will not be voted out.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Janice Dickinson and Homoeroticism

RufskinIn season three, episode five of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, we finally get to see the start of the Rufskin Denim shoot. The photographs by Justin Monroe have been around for awhile, and they are excellent examples of the industrial fantasy males genre. The models used were Christian Prelle, Michael Anderson, Maurice Townsell and Danny Nunez. Danny (shown here) is a favorite of mine and his photos are pretty breathtaking. He looks even more sexy dressed this way than he did even when he was totally undressed. I especially love the hair.

The overall look from the shoot seems more homoerotic to me than gay. Straight guys dressed and posed this way is a fantastic look. If this doesn't get straight women and gay men hot and bothered then nothing will. HoYaY!

However, Rufskin Denim doesn't seem to be trying to capitalize on their JDMA appearance very well. There's no tie-in on their website. They should have seen what Andrew Christian did with their appearance on JDMA the week before and tried to convert interest into sales. On the other hand, the denim from Rufskin doesn't look very "wearable" for most people. It appears to be costume clothing more than anything else. Is denim even suitable for underwear or swimwear? I would think the appearance of the bulkiness of denim underwear under slacks would make them look more like Depends than a fashion statement.

Danny Nunez in RufskinWhen the Rufskin people visited the agency to do the casting, the straight models seemed to be having fun with trying on the crack exposing pants, but for some reason J.P. Calderon was reluctant to wear "gay" clothing. That seemed strange considering the straight models were willing to do it. I'm not even sure what would classify these clothes as gay:

J.P. CalderonSpeaking of gay, at a poker party at Chris Jones' place, there was an interesting exchange between Chris and Brian Kehoe concerning Kehoe's sexuality. Chris asked a female model in front of everyone if she knew that Kehoe wasn't straight. Kehoe objected to the accusation and looked really hurt that his friend Chris would suggest that he was hiding something from him.

Kehoe makes the issue cloudy by the things he says; however, I can totally understand where what he says comes from. He is a fraternity guy (as was I) and most things said in a fraternity are sexual. Either it is about women and their body parts or it's about calling each other gay. To get along you play along and act gay for laughs, up to but not including actually having sex with your fraternity brothers. I think it is likely that Kehoe is still in the fraternity mindset but now in the real world the people he interacts with don't realize it's just a game.

Brian KehoeThis episode also included the continuation of the Ashley Paige tiff between her and Janice. Ashley had had set up a photo shoot on the beach using several of Janice's models, but during the shoot Ashley goaded Janice to appear in the photos as well. Janice didn't want to do it but went along with it. To make sure that Ashley suffered for her audacity, Janice verbally clawed Ashley to shreds, calling her a parrot among other things. I think we have all been in a situation where we don't want to have our picture taken and/or where we are frustrated with how much time the person holding the camera is taking. Janice was justified in making her remarks although if I were her I would have just refused to do it or at least I would have held my hand over my face every time the camera was pointed at me. Ashley got in one perhaps unintentional slam of Janice when she told the models, "Build a sandcastle for 'mommie dearest'."

For this episode, I have to give props to Michael Anderson for going to Chris Jones' party and for agreeing to do the Rufskin shoot. His previous anti-nudity thing made him seem too self-righteous but his actions in this episode made him seem more like a regular guy.

This week's most unbelievable Janice laugh-out-loud line: "Look, I'm just going to stay in the background and just watch. Don't mind me."

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Janice Dickinson and Christian Nudity

In season three, episode four of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, the underwear company du semaine is Andrew Christian. As previously mentioned here, these companies are smart to grab the opportunity for television exposure, but so far it looks like Andrew has capitalized on it the best. One thing he did is post hot photos from his JDMA photo shoot on his website emblazoned with the company name and logo. Now these pictures are all over the web, providing free advertisement. The second thing he got right was the extensive use of model Danny Nunez, including the celebrated display of Danny's raw rump roast. Truly, this is the butt that launched a thousand browsers.

I'm not convinced that the world needs so many designers of fashion underwear, but Andrew Christian is pretty impressive if for no other reason than how he handled Janice. If you are going to be a "client" of hers you need to go into it realizing that it is all about you winning her over, not the other way around. Andrew went into the agency bearing offerings and praises and he let her have her say at the shoot. The result was a positive segment and now he will he will reap the benefit.

Danny NunezSexy Andrew selected four of Janice's fly boys for his photo shoot: Joe Monbleau, Danny Nunez and boyfriends Shane McCarron and Paul Anderson. (J.P. Calderon was presumably not selected because of his previous work for 2(x)ist.) At the shoot Andrew quickly realized that as good as Danny looks in one of his swimsuits, Danny looks even better not wearing one. Andrew asks Danny to get junk nekkid and for the next seven minutes of the show Danny's assets become the center of the camera's attention and reverence. It was easy instruction for the show's director to the cameraman: "Find a spot between Danny's buttocks and focus the camera there."

Danny understated as usual that he "was good with it". Wouldn't it be great if all good-looking men were so compliant when told to drop their pants and just stand there until you are done with them? He was even okay when Paul happily volunteered to shave his butt. I don't think I would be comfortable taking a razor to someone's haunches but I certainly wouldn't have minded patting on the after-shave.

Joe MonbleauThe model that really had something to be embarrassed about was Joe Monbleau. His drawers either had too much fabric or not enough to fill it. He tried playing with his erector set on the fly but he still needed a prosthetic "enhancement" to distinguish himself from the female models. I can't believe it was so easy to find someone to shave Danny's butt but not to find someone to help Joe rise to his potential.

Danny was not only skilled at standing erect, he also showed that he could work it while laying on his back. He did a scene with Shaun where they were in a close embrace. The photographer wanted them to appear to kiss, but Danny was too much of a gentleman to kiss someone's guy while the boyfriend was there in the room. He said that kissing Shaun was something he wouldn't do and I say good for him.

Danny may not have felt any temptation, but in another segment of the episode he and a lot of the other models auditioned to be game show models for the new show Temptation. The models were taught how to stroke and gesture at products but of the men only Brian Kehoe was able to do a good job and that, as would be expected, was by lying seductively in bed. The ugly male host of the show didn't like Kehoe, but Reno's gift to the world wouldn't really fit with a cheesy syndicated game show. The show instead picked Christian Prelle and rigid Christian Michael.

Brian KehoeThere was a segment at the beginning of the episode where Janice was confronted by Michael and Models for Jesus concerning her love of nudity. Janice let her prudes Dominique and Micheal know that in her flesh business that they would have to expose themselves come Hell or high water. In the end, the fear of loss of morality wasn't as great as fear of loss of income and career and they decided to bare with it.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

MMAS: Meet The Models

Bravo's Make Me A Supermodel casting special showed that a lot of critics of Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency and America's Most Smartest Model were wrong. It is possible to cast a worse looking and less qualified group of "models". I had skimmed through the show first on Tivo to get a feel for what the show was like, but when I played it back to watch it in detail, I realized that something was terribly wrong. Even Janice's rejects are light year's beyond this motley crew. It's like the casting people went to an open call for a local amateur production of "South Pacific" and asked the hopefuls if they would rather be on a TV show instead. Host Tyson Beckford said that the odds of taking someone off the street and making them a supermodel would be like winning the lottery. In this case it's more like the odds of the sun going supernova tomorrow. I can't imagine there will be many people that care who wins this show. Somebody at Tiger Aspect Productions screwed up big time.

I give credit to the company for their selection of audition cities. They went to Dallas, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, and NYC. Chicago was an especially good choice. There is a lot of good looking men there with a range of European ethnicities. Unfortunately, it looks like the casting people only selected from the actual applicants. If you follow reality TV at all, you know that many of the best characters don't apply on their own; they are recruited. Somebody should went into the Loop at lunchtime and over to Boystown at night and beat the bushes for some really good choices.

In Chicago they did find Ronnie Kroell and Igor Galijasevic. Ronnie said that a former boyfriend was an adult video star who had been escorting on the side. Many people have to do two jobs to make ends meet, but Ronnie didn't indicate if the amount of time spent at work contributed to their breakup.

In L.A., there was Dominic Prietto and Perry Ullmann. I think they are both good looking, but in Los Angeles of all places, this is all they could find? Why didn't the producers just go the Beverly Center for an hour with a net and capture several seasons worth of qualified wannabes at one time?

In Miami there was Frankie Godoy. I don't like men with long hair. End of story.

In New York City, Ben DiChiara, the deputy sheriff from Nashville, was discovered. He had been married for four months at the time of his interview. He's only 22 and I think that's too young to be married. People need more time to mature before they make that kind of committment.

From all the applicants, 35 were selected to go to the next stage of the audition in New York. There they were interviewed and looked over by the judges. The first cut took out six of them, including Cuban-American Yenier Leyva. That really sucked because he seemed pretty interesting and because all modeling shows need a sexilicious Cuban.

The show finally got to bare skin section when the models subjected themselves to be examined wearing only swimsuits. The models took turns doing poses with partner on a chair. Ronnie did a puppy style pose with his hair being pulled back. He said he liked being dominated that way. I just wish he didn't also like furrowing his brow and putting on a fake orange tan. I thought there was something wrong with the tint on my TV until the judges confirmed he was artificially colored.

In the end, the field was narrowed down to 12 with 2 more to be selected by the public through an online vote. Dominic, Ronnie, and Perry were selected to be in the twelve, while Igor and Ben were turned over to the whims of whoever stumbled across the web site. The final decision was that the online community selected Ben as the final participant. I think I may watch the show for awhile just to see how Ben fares. His initial photos look pretty hot and I think the public will buy into the newly married, law enforcement backstory.

Ben DiChiara

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel

On January 2, 2008, Bravo will air the casting special for Make Me A Supermodel, another in the current riches of reality television shows to feature male models. Can I handle getting involved with another one? Hell, yeah! This season there was America's Most Smartest Model and then The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency and now this one. The beauty of the genre is a lot of shots of the guys in next to nothing (or just nothing on JDMA). My preference would be for all reality shows to adopt this characteristic. Wouldn't Amazing Race be even more interesting with teams of male models running through airports in bikini briefs? And surely the boardroom would be spiced up on The Apprentice if the male contestants lined up at the table exposing all of their qualifications in smart looking birthday suits.

From BravoTv.com: "In a casting special, the 24 finalists will be whittled down to the 14 models that will ultimately compete for $100,000 and a modeling contract with New York Model Management. During the run of the series, Bravo viewers will vote each week to determine who stays to walk the 'Supermodel' catwalk again and who goes home. Over a 12-week period, 14 hopefuls will live together in a New York City loft and explore friendships, romance and naked ambition while undergoing a series of creative challenges designed to test their professional modeling potential."

My favorites are Ben DiChiara, Perry Ullmann, and Ronnie Kroell, Jr. (whose former boyfriend was an adult film star). I had also liked Dominic Prietto and Igor Galijasevic. I hope all of them make it through the casting special.

Ben DiChiara:

Ben DiChiaraBen DiChiaraBen DiChiaraBen DiChiara