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Ben DiChiara / Perry Ullmann

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

MMAS: Perry Does Casey

In episode three of Make Me A Supermodel, it was revealed that Dominic Prietto had the least amount of viewers' votes for those in the bottom three, and he left the catwalk stating he would make himself a supermodel. It had been between him, Ben DiChiara, and Katy and my preference was that Katy should leave. One reason is that both Dominic and Ben have been in my top four. The other reason is that the female models have already shown they are bunch of catty bitches. Frankie Godoy has been good at letting the girls know how nasty they are when they were badmouthing Dominic and Frankie himself. The show would be better off by getting rid of all the females as quickly as possible.

Ben got to stay in the house and no one was happier than Ronnie Kroell. Ronnie still absurdly calls Ben his main competition but he wants Ben to stay in the house as long as possible. Ronnie says that he has feelings for the straight, married Ben and that he interprets Ben's polite and restrained response to Ronnie's frequent touching as "mixed signals". Ronnie unfortunately is accelerating down the path of becoming the pathetic, stereotypical creepy gay character that tries constantly to fondle and seduce an unattainable straight guy. He knows that he is on TV and he should be thinking about being a gay role model and not a slutty predator.

Perry UllmannThe photo segment was focused on showing chemistry between pairs of models. The best pair of the shoot was Perry Ullmann and Casey Skinner. Once again, it is shown that erotic photos with all straight male models are exceptionally smoking. Also, it shows that once straight guys find out that other guys don't have coodies, there's nothing to it.

The catwalk assignment was to use a combination of equestrian and fetish. Considering it was such an interesting theme, the models were incredibly boring with the exception of the combo of Perry and Casey again. Perry has a great acting ability and he seems to be able to inspire Casey to be better than he might otherwise have been. It was an easy task for the judges this week to pick Perry as the week's top model.

Holly, Aryn and Jay were selected as the bottom three. I think the judges have been letting Jay coast along so far, but this week I think he was probably brought down further by his partner who appeared not to be able to feel any chemistry with a black dude. As stated above, I'm rooting for another one of the cats to leave.