Friday, January 25, 2008

Janice Dickinson And Furry Friends

In season three, episode seven of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, we finally get to see the behind the scenes view of the PETA protest from last year. When the event happened in real life it seemed to have come out of the blue and it wasn't clear at the time why it was happening. Now we can see what prompted the situation and what the models had actually been thinking. Unfortunately, I don't think this particular protest theme (of near nudity) has ever been effective for PETA and it probably totally distracts from the actual message. Most people seeing it have 99% of their mind on leering at the protesters and taking pictures (you can see some on the Brian Kehoe page).

If I keep it real here, I have to say that there is no logical difference between leather and fur, other than the fact that fur-bearing animals are a lot cuter than cows. So it is not clear why fur is the center of attention. The campaign really should be to end any inhumane treatment of animals used for food or clothing, while realizing that in nature, living beings do sometimes use other living beings for their own purpose.

Christian PrelleI appreciate everyone who participated to express their beliefs. Ethical treatment of animals, per se, is a worthy cause. I also have an even greater respect for J.P. Calderon for coming to the defense of Ligia after she was harangued by Christian Prelle for not participating. It's always sad when someone is being attacked and the majority stand back and do nothing. I don't know that we as a society should ever hope to be successful in protecting animals when we won't even protect each other.

On a lighter note, the casting and shoot for Dragonfly by Edward Dada was amusing to see what dead rock stars anybody thought the JDMA models looked like. Payton Brady was selected to be Elvis Presley and I think he certainly is reminiscent of the King. Unfortunately, the spirit of Elvis had definitely left the building and Payton was left unsure on how to channel it into his poses. Someone get that boy some blue suede shoes.

Payton Brady
Brian Kehoe was selected for the shoot, but I couldn't think of who he would be cast as. Kehoe is a one of a kind and no lookalike dead rockers come to mind. To my surprise he was supposed to be Sid Vicious (before he died). Well, heroin addict is not something I would ever think of when I see Kehoe. However, Crystal Trueheart did do a convincing Nancy Spungen (also, as she was before she died).

Note: Tom Bridegroom, one of the finalists for the SensiClear infomercial is hot.