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Friday, January 18, 2008

Janice Dickinson And Manly Men

In season three, episode six of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, the fanfare for the uncommon man, the Rufskin Denim shoot, shot it's wad of photos and it was a good but sticky situation.

The four models in the shoot, Michael Anderson, Maurice Townsell, Danny Nunez, and Christian Prelle got ready by doing a lot of sit-ups and push-ups and the exertion really paid off. Their glazed bodies showed every appropriate line and curve that naturally screamed, "I am the ultimate in the male of the human species." In particular, Christian Prelle's classic sensual S-curve and forward thrusting pelvis were a dominating presence on the set, demanding both respect and reverence. He said that the clothes were a little risqué for his tastes, but they were generally minor accessories to the main subjects, which were the models themselves.

Danny NunezDuring the shoot, Janice pulls Danny Nunez aside to counsel him to apply more intensity and find something in his head (or perhaps in his pants) to ram through the camera lens. She suggested that maybe he didn't like posing the way he was, and dressed the way he was, while standing with the two other male models. I don't think that was the problem at all. Danny is a real professional who willingly follows direction to get the best shot. It was more likely just inexperience that was causing him to hold back a little for a scene with which he wasn't familiar.

He talked about how it seemed that he was being cast for jobs that involved little or no clothes and that had a "gay" theme. He expressed a hope that he would get "manlier" types of jobs in the future.

I totally understand that that was youthful naiveté speaking and he just needs me to set him straight (so to speak) on what is really going on. Danny boy, you get jobs that show off your body because it is a work of art. You wouldn't expect to see the real Michaelangelo's David displayed with a polo shirt and a pair of Dockers covering it. And in this case, a "gay theme" equates to a sense of hyper masculinity. People want you in their photos exactly because you do look so manly. You're dripping pure testosterone. It may be to some that modeling sweatpants and a sports jersey is "manlier" than what you have been modeling, but those people would be idiots and that kind of job would only get you a small image in the back of the Sears catalog. You're doing great with what you have been doing.

Danny NunezAs the Rufskin shoot progressed Danny and the others indicated that they were getting more comfortable with it. They experienced the enlightenment that being in close contact with other men isn't so scary after all. It only makes sense that if guys can be comfortable wrestling and grabbing in stretchy unitards trying to pin each other down or be completely naked together in gym showers, then this kind of thing is nothing. They also realized that the whole concept was to be as "straight" as possible while wearing clothes that accentuated their orientation, not disguised it.

For the record, for me the penultimate shot was the one with a wet Danny, seated on the ground with legs wide and teeth clenching a waistband. I want a life-size poster of that.

Danny NunezThe other highpoint of the episode was the J.P. Calderon arranged (by Janice's son Nathan) date with Rodrido de Carli. It's funny that Brian Kehoe couldn't get Rodrigo and J.P together but Nathan could. Along with Traci Moslenko, they all go to a water park. J.P is content to kiss Rodrigo in public, but that makes it even less clear why J.P. was concerned earlier that low-rise Rufskin jeans would make him look gay while kissing a guy at a water park didn't seen to faze him.

J.P. CalderonKudos to Janice for her sensitivity during the SensiClear casting and the one-on-one time with CC. Janice is a nice lady.


Anonymous said...

Danny is so hot! He's the sexiest guy in the agency.