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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Brian Kehoe and a Dick in a Box

Seeing the picture (below) of Brian Kehoe at Janice Dickinson's fur rally brought back memories of some great fantasies starring that hunk of man flesh. He makes me weak. I have never swooned but I think I would if I ever met him. I don't know how to say it other than he's got IT. He's cocky, but he seems so personable that it doesn't matter. He's the kind of guy that would workout just so you could watch, then give you a mind-altering orgasm in the shower, and then finish the afternoon shopping with you for clothes. Dee-lightful!

Does real fur even exist anymore? Apparently not on Brian. I know this was a publicity stunt so I don't care what it was about. What does concern me is Janice's troubling notion of thinness. She asked last season how could someone be too thin, and she meant it. I don't want her to force Brian into losing weight. The great thing about his body was the perfect proportions. Now his face looks like it may be too thin. I want to take him to Steak-n-Shake and feed him proper before I accede to his every wish.

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Another recent disturbing event is the awarding of an Emmy for "Best Original Music and Lyrics" to Justin Timberlake's "Dick in a Box". Actually the song and video were mildly amusing, but doesn't this say something about the state of original music on television today? Would you agree something was wrong if you knew that "Dick in a Box" was nominated along with Scrubs' "Guy Love" and "Everything Comes Down to Poo"?

I hate to seem ungrateful, but if I received Justin Timberlake's dick in a box, I think I would re-gift it or at least see if I could exchange it for one that suits my tastes. Maybe Ricky Martin's pene en una caja. Or better yet, an unwrapped Kehoe cadeau.

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Anonymous said...

I love Brian too!

Anonymous said...

is kehoe gay?

Skye said...

I would say he is "festive".

Anonymous said...

Why is he covering it up???

kakadoodoo3000 said...

i so LOVED this video, but how I wish you'd focused on kehoe more. (thanks for having him in the last frame, though.) all the men are hot, but kehoe's the one with the face of an angel. (that's the only angelic thing about him...thank God!:) ) mwah@kehoe

thanks for being so delectably devilish.