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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Janice Dickinson and Homoeroticism

RufskinIn season three, episode five of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, we finally get to see the start of the Rufskin Denim shoot. The photographs by Justin Monroe have been around for awhile, and they are excellent examples of the industrial fantasy males genre. The models used were Christian Prelle, Michael Anderson, Maurice Townsell and Danny Nunez. Danny (shown here) is a favorite of mine and his photos are pretty breathtaking. He looks even more sexy dressed this way than he did even when he was totally undressed. I especially love the hair.

The overall look from the shoot seems more homoerotic to me than gay. Straight guys dressed and posed this way is a fantastic look. If this doesn't get straight women and gay men hot and bothered then nothing will. HoYaY!

However, Rufskin Denim doesn't seem to be trying to capitalize on their JDMA appearance very well. There's no tie-in on their website. They should have seen what Andrew Christian did with their appearance on JDMA the week before and tried to convert interest into sales. On the other hand, the denim from Rufskin doesn't look very "wearable" for most people. It appears to be costume clothing more than anything else. Is denim even suitable for underwear or swimwear? I would think the appearance of the bulkiness of denim underwear under slacks would make them look more like Depends than a fashion statement.

Danny Nunez in RufskinWhen the Rufskin people visited the agency to do the casting, the straight models seemed to be having fun with trying on the crack exposing pants, but for some reason J.P. Calderon was reluctant to wear "gay" clothing. That seemed strange considering the straight models were willing to do it. I'm not even sure what would classify these clothes as gay:

J.P. CalderonSpeaking of gay, at a poker party at Chris Jones' place, there was an interesting exchange between Chris and Brian Kehoe concerning Kehoe's sexuality. Chris asked a female model in front of everyone if she knew that Kehoe wasn't straight. Kehoe objected to the accusation and looked really hurt that his friend Chris would suggest that he was hiding something from him.

Kehoe makes the issue cloudy by the things he says; however, I can totally understand where what he says comes from. He is a fraternity guy (as was I) and most things said in a fraternity are sexual. Either it is about women and their body parts or it's about calling each other gay. To get along you play along and act gay for laughs, up to but not including actually having sex with your fraternity brothers. I think it is likely that Kehoe is still in the fraternity mindset but now in the real world the people he interacts with don't realize it's just a game.

Brian KehoeThis episode also included the continuation of the Ashley Paige tiff between her and Janice. Ashley had had set up a photo shoot on the beach using several of Janice's models, but during the shoot Ashley goaded Janice to appear in the photos as well. Janice didn't want to do it but went along with it. To make sure that Ashley suffered for her audacity, Janice verbally clawed Ashley to shreds, calling her a parrot among other things. I think we have all been in a situation where we don't want to have our picture taken and/or where we are frustrated with how much time the person holding the camera is taking. Janice was justified in making her remarks although if I were her I would have just refused to do it or at least I would have held my hand over my face every time the camera was pointed at me. Ashley got in one perhaps unintentional slam of Janice when she told the models, "Build a sandcastle for 'mommie dearest'."

For this episode, I have to give props to Michael Anderson for going to Chris Jones' party and for agreeing to do the Rufskin shoot. His previous anti-nudity thing made him seem too self-righteous but his actions in this episode made him seem more like a regular guy.

This week's most unbelievable Janice laugh-out-loud line: "Look, I'm just going to stay in the background and just watch. Don't mind me."