Sunday, January 13, 2008

More Brett! More Pickel!

Since the end of America's Most Smartest Model, I've gone through several bouts of Brett Novek withdrawal. The main symptom is a sensation of spinning as if on a rotating platform, coupled with an intermittent urge to express a certain four letter word. To ease the effects of the withdrawal I have tried to imagine what could be some good future projects for Brett and his friend and fellow contestant Jeff Pickel to engage in.

The first thought was remakes of classic movies. For some reason, the first one that came to mind was Beaches. In a male version, I decided that Pickel could play the C.C. role, while Brett would take the place of Barbara Hershey. I think I could easily go through a box or two of tissue with these two guys as the leads.

The second movie I thought of was Top Gun. Brett would play Maverick, Pickel would be Goose, VJ Logan would antagonize as Ice, and Andre would of course be MiG Pilot #2.

If these roles should prove too much of a stretch then there are some things that would really play to their strengths. Disembodied Pickel floating through episode nine of AMSM showed that he would be perfect to do a copy of the Julie Brown show from the early 90's, Just Say Julie. A "Just Say Pickel" show with Pickel floating through other people's videos while making wry comments would be hilarious.

For Brett, I think the best star vehicle would be a clone of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. A "Brett Richards" character would be a perfect match for this real life guy "who can turn the world on with his smile; who can take a nothing day, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile."

If it should turn out that acting is not really their thing then a cool show idea would be a "Brett and Pickel Do America" roadtrip show, where the two travel around the country and have comic interactions with local yokels. I suggest Indianapolis as the initial destination for obvious reasons.

It would also be nice to be able to buy Brett and Pickel merchandise. As fashion models a good tie-in would be a Colorforms kit with cardboard cutouts of our favorite dress-up duo. It would have a lot of fun outfits to stick on them. For awhile I have been fantasizing about seeing them both in lederhosen and this toy would allow me to make my dream come true.

If none of this should ever come to fruition, at least I have my personally customized Mystery Date game with the taped on picture of Brett as the dreamboat and VJ as the dud.