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Friday, February 1, 2008

Janice Dickinson Does Vegas

In season three, episode eight of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, Janice and some of her models travel to Las Vegas to do a runway show for Ed Hardy. Christian Audigier, the head designer for Ed Hardy, had selected some of Janice's major models, including J.P. Calderon, Payton Brady and Dominic Figlio. While the combination of Janice, good-looking models, a Frenchman client, and Vegas could have created some wild action, for the most part everyone was well-behaved.

Briank Kehoe was strangely not picked for the trip, so he took the opportunity during that time to finally work up the nerve to ask Traci Moslenko out for dinner so that they could get to know each other better. He's so polite and romantic and she looks like the girl next door, so visually and on paper they seemed like a perfect couple. They go for a picnic up in the hills where they feed each other strawberries as the sun sets. Unfortunately, although there's a time for everything, Traci didn't realize that being on a date with one guy is not the time to talk about a previous date with another guy. She confessed that she had been out with Janice's son, Nathan. Kehoe largely kept his emotions in check although it was apparent he was crushed on the inside after hearing the news. He also realized his predicament of trying to compete for a girl with the boss's son. The date ends with but a G-rated kiss.

Brian Kehoe
Speaking of the son, Nathan now lives on his own and so he and Janice went shopping for furniture for him at IKEA. Can you pick out the two things expressed in that statement that are just seriously wrong?

The models fly to Vegas for the show and after arriving at the Venetian, they had their first afternoon free to lie by the pool. While some of the female models deliberately were aloof, acting like they had railroad ties stuck up their ass, Payton Brady was off by himself being very young and not acquainted well with any of the other models. J.P. noticed this, and as the kind-hearted and generous person that he is, went out of his way to converse with Payton and make sure he felt included. J.P gave him advice about pursuing one's dreams, but unfortunately didn't advise him against wearing t-shirts like the "Jesus, sweet saviour, king of kings" orange shirt, styled to look the Reese's peanut butter cup logo.

J.P. Calderon Payton Brady
Elsewhere at the pool, Janice did her ongoing Carrie Nation impression by pouring Rodrigo's lemonade and vodka into the water. Extensive plastic surgery good, alcohol bad.

In the hotel, J.P. reflects on the awkwardness of being in the same room as Rodrigo, since from J.P.'s perspective he was happy with the one date that they had, didn't want to go out again, and really didn't want to explain why he felt that way. Perhaps one way that Rodrigo could have made J.P. feel less awkward would have been to tell J.P. how it felt to bufu Eddie Stone in the video Stone Fox. There's nothing like a story of participation in an adult video to break the ice.

The models finally do the show and it is a success. The theme was "Mad Max". Payton looked good with that mop top on his head kept under hats. J.P. had an improved look with his hair pushed up and not the usual slick down. Dominic Figlio came out on the runway shaking his junk and carrying a rifle, proving that he speaks softly and carries a big gun.

Dominic Figlio
Most embarrassing moment: Joe Monbleau grabbing his crotch in front of the client, in order to show, I don't know what. Joe was the one that needed the prostheses for the Andrew Christian shoot so it doesn't make sense to call attention to that area.