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Monday, February 4, 2008

The Danny Nunez Interview

One of the best parts of season three of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency has been the addition of Danny Nunez to Janice's impressive stable of virile and well-built male models. To capitalize on Danny's charm and good looks, the show wisely made him the center of attention for several of the most memorable scenes of the season, including the art class, the Andrew Christian shoot, and the Rufskin Denim adventure. The inclusion of him speaking to the camera presented an opportunity for him to show a quiet and refreshing modesty that belied the natural and exciting sensuality that he brought to every assignment.

Having covered here the more interesting aspects of JDMA 3 and Danny's part in it in particular, I am happy to have the chance to share Danny's responses to some questions I recently posed to him.

How does it feel to be one of the top stars of season three of JDMA? Were you surprised that you would end up being so prominent?

Surprised!?!? Heck yea, I first came onto the JDMA show not knowing what I was kinda getting myself into.

Before you started modeling, what was it about it that made you think you would like doing it?

Thinking to myself that I didn't want to end up working hard on my knees, and also thinking that if I were not to model now I would have to start school and I wasn't ready for college yet. I wanted to explore a few things before I would just have to concentrate on the text books.

You've stated that your first dream was to play football, but due to an injury you turned to modeling. Beside football and modeling, what would be your third choice?

My third choice is to become a stripper! Ha! Just kidding. It would be to go to school and study a major. I would have to become successful, somehow.

Danny Nunez
Based on your experience, what do you find to be the best and the worst part about being a model?

The best part of my modeling experience is getting to see new faces and to travel the world. The worst part of being a model is that it only lasts so long, but I'll still keep hustling.

You seem to be very willing to do whatever you are asked to do, including getting naked. You don't seem like someone who would be as comfortable being naked in public as say, Kehoe. How do you psych yourself to do it?

I don't get why being naked is such a bad thing to society. I'm pretty sure that everyone was born naked with no clothes. Just show off what your mama gave ya!!

One of your well-known scenes this season was the Rufskin shoot. Were you at all surprised at how great the photos turned out with you and some of the other male models? Although the theme was not something that you were familiar with, were you able to figure out how to relate to it to get the right expressions?

The Rufskin photo shoot was probably one the best experiences I could ever have, even though I wasn't comfortable in the beginning. I still had a money sign on my mind. Modeling is basically acting but in a photo, kinda gotta ask yourself who's Rufskin marketing this to, and what do I want to make out of it. Once someone can find that, it's unstoppable.

Danny Nunez
You were very attentive to anything Janice had to tell you. What did you think about her before joining the agency and has your opinion changed any since?

No, I never really didn't care. Gotta be down for anything.

Besides you, I also focused on J.P. Calderon and Brian Kehoe this season. Can you tell me what you think about those two?

Kehoe and J.P are two really cool people. When I was new to the agency, they made me feel very comfortable... very nice, introduced themselves, never thought anything bad of them.

It is said that still waters run deep. Tell me something important about yourself that hasn't been shown on the air that would help people know better what kind of person you are.

I look insane, but I'm really deadly. I have a mentality: anything you can do, I can do better.

Danny Nunez
What famous person would you most like to meet?

Lil Wayne

What's your favorite food?

My favorite food is CUBAN FOOD, the best. If you haven't tried it, you're missing out!

What's your favorite pick-up line (not necessarily one that you have used)?

Did you call for UPS package or something, because I can't help but watch you staring at my package. I can help you place it in your garage. I also handle with care.

How would you describe your best friends, in general? How would they describe you?

Don't care about anything. Gotta be down for everything. To my friends, it's hit it, quit it, don't admit it. Ahhhah!


alondra said...

My name is alondra fransico. And I love everything about Danny Nunez. I mean everything down to his personality. I mean who wouldn't love to meet him. If you dont want to meet Danny, then something is wrong. Danny if you see this just no that I am your #1 fan. And I will try to get your myspace if you have one and leave comments every day.
Your Gurl,