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Ben DiChiara Perry Ullmann
Ben DiChiara / Perry Ullmann

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

MMAS: Body Art

Ben DiChiaraIn episode four of Make Me A Supermodel, it was all about the models being works of art. But like contemporary art, I don't see most of these models as being suitable to have hanging around. The female models are still bitchy and most of the male models are made to look incredibly boring. At least there was some excitement when one of the girls got slapped down when she insinuated to Ben DiChiara that he was sleeping with Aryn every night. The prison guard in Ben finally came out and he told her to shut her f-ing mouth. I'm sure that scene prompted fantasies of rough jailhouse sex with Ben in some of the viewers after they watched it. Of course if they watched for a few more minutes they would have seen Ben back to being sweetness and light with Ronnie Kroell, saying "All we got is each other." That is like a double dose of anti-Viagra.

Fortunately the visual stimulation quickly returned with a trip to an art class where the models got to pose au naturel. Frankie Godoy couldn't wait to disrobe while Casey Skinner was a little more hesitant. Ronnie did his business and Ben got stiff. However, the real stand out for the boys was Perry Ullmann. If you recorded the show, you can slow down the quick glimpses of the students' sketches, and assuming that everything was drawn to scale, you can see that Perry's package took up the most space on the paper. Nice.

Perry Ullmann
The photo assignment was dull, doing pieces of a portrait. The training assignment was a lot more interesting with the models working together to form a living sculpture. They get covered in body paint with some cool decorations and they walked and writhed in front of a gallery audience. A little post-production lighting special effects made this scene probably the most interesting scene of the season so far.

Ben DiChiara
Afterwards the models had a theme party back at their townhouse and it gave Perry Ullmann another chance to show what a great personality he has and what good acting ability he possess. He can do a number of funny looks and voices. He can so look so stern in his photos and it's nice to see how personable he can be away from the camera. At the party he hung out with the other guys and they talked about how much they liked each other. Perry was lying on bed during the conversation with Casey behind him and the camera angle created what I think must be an illusion. If you look at it, it looks like Casey is playing pocket pool with Perry. If he were, Perry has great control to be able to continue a conversation the entire time and still keep in character.

Perry Ullmann
The catwalk assigment was to act like a walking sculpture. Perry did a superior job, which inspired Tyson Beckford to express his man-love for him. Tyson: "If he [Perry] were a girl, I'd date him. He's an amazing looking guy." Well, finally there is something I can agree on with Tyson.