Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ryan Kehoe In The Gauntlet III

I've been watching The Gauntlet III on MTV, the latest Real World/Road Rules Challenge. I'm not sure why I am watching it. I've seen the same kind of fights and hook-ups with a lot of the same people many times before and there is nothing really new here. As near as I can tell, I think I am watching it to see Ryan Kehoe, one of the "Rookies" (pictured here). He had previously been on the Fresh Meat season of the Challenge as one of the contestants added who had never been on Real World or Road Rules. He didn't last long that first time out, but he seems to be doing better this time around.

There's been so many of these challenges with so many of the same people, I don't always know from the commercials when they are starting a new one or repeating something I've already seen. It's hard to tell from the name either, because they rotate different versions of it and bump up the number suffix. I try to watch one episode in a season to see if I'm going to find interesting and most importantly, whether it contains any people I can't bear to watch (e.g. Wes).

Although I have no idea who some of the contestants are, I'm surprised how many I do know from previous seasons of Real World and Road Rules. I've watched both Real World and Road Rules since their first seasons, although less of Real World starting with Las Vegas and lately not at all. Road Rules was fun but then it went on hiatus.

The lack of new cast members from Road Rules being available to add to the pool of challenge players was one of the reason's that MTV had to bring in "Fresh Meat" like Ryan Kehoe. Ryan has am interesting back story, being a former boyfriend of Road Rules "Campus Crawl" cast member Shane Landrum. They both appeared in Fresh Meat and at the time Shane had nothing but bad things to say about Ryan. To me, Shane's comments only made himself look like a sad and bitter person who wanted to tear down the reputation of an old flame. From what I can see on television and elsewhere, I think that Ryan seems like a fun and normal person and Shane is just an old crank.

I might be a little biased because Ryan looks, talks, and acts just like a former boyfriend of mine. Unlike Shane, I have no ill feelings toward my guy, so I have only affection for his look-alike.