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Friday, February 15, 2008

Janice Dickinson Does More Miami

In season three, episode ten of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, the episode begins where the previous one ended, at the start of a surprise fashion show for Ed Hardy intimates and mens underwear. The surprise was on the models, not Janice or the hundreds of people who came to see the show at Mansion nightclub. Considering how unhappy Janice was when she was ambushed into being in front of the camera for the Ashley Paige shoot, it should be surprising that she would do the same kind of thing to her models, but fortunately everyone seemed to be okay with it and a job's a job.

Nathan Romano, director of sales for Ed Hardy Lounge, made the announcement to the models. He's one of those extra characters on the show besides the models that are kind of hot themselves. He's pretty animated and me likey him.

Sorin Mihalache, Janice's strange, one man Romanian retinue, said, "You coming at a party and they tell you, are you guys ready for a job? Why not? Hello?" Unfortunately for Sorin it looks like Eastern European gay adult video is going down in popularity so he may have missed the boat on his real career potential.

J.P. CalderonWhen the show started J.P. Calderon was the first one out on the runway. He said, "I just threw off my robe and got really into it." (By the way, I had the same experience during a colonoscopy.) Danny Nunez let us see that he has a great walk. He also let us see his little Danny for a fraction of a second. (This is why you need Tivo to watch JDMA and to slow down the scenes with the naughty bits.) Payton Brady went out and really flirted with the audience. He had no problem flaunting his pubic protuberance and his gratifying glutes. He is the young Elvis (minus singing, music, and clothes).

The next day the models went to the Custo Barcelona casting for their in-store look book. Getting ready for it, nearly invisible Billy Marquart actually got a chance to say a few words to the camera. The show needs to give him more exposure. He represents the Midwest and there are no other natural looking male blonds.

Brian KehoeThe casting session didn't go very well. The Custo Barcelona people were looking for four girls and two guys. When they were looking at the guys, Brian Kehoe took off his pants and showed that he was wearing Aussie Bum. Now no self respecting person should ever wear Aussie Bum, especially since that company had previously disrespected Janice. Janice speculated that Kehoe had done it to get more attention from her, his showbiz mom. I would have taken him over my knee and spanked him until I was satiated, but Janice got some scissors and just cut off the offending material. She let loose her inner mohel and left Kehoe content in his natural state holding his own.

There was some interest in Dominic Figlio, so he was asked to pose on the wall to show if he could give a more European look. He gave them a self-styled "Figlio Special", which appeared to be some form of catatonic expression. He didn't get the job. In the end, J.P. Chris Jones and Payton Brady were selected.

That night the models went to Halo, a gay nightclub. Grasie took the opportunity to ask Kehoe once again when he is going to come of out of the closet. He talked about his feminine side and then danced for awhile with Chris Jones. He asked Chris, "Why don't the boys hit on us yet? Where are the boys at?" (Well, even Connie Francis knew the answer is Fort Lauderdale.) Chris responds by throwing out his rod and reel and catching (surprise) Sorin.

Brian Kehoe
A lot of the episode was about the two day shoot for Custo Barcelona, which was uneventful. The important stuff came right at the end when Janice and her lawyer let Peter Hamm know about Janice's intent to dissolve the partnership. Peter suggested that the partnership agreement may not have been clear on how the assets should be be divided, so there may be fight between to make a settlement. Sounds like a good starting point for a season four.