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Monday, February 18, 2008

MMAS: The Models Act Up

Perry UllmannIn episode six of Make Me A Supermodel, it was all about acting. Or at least having the models act like they could act. The only ones that seem to have talent in that department are Perry Ullmann, doing actual characters, and Ronnie Kroell, being conniving in his manipulation of situations and other models.

At the start of the episode we got to see which of the previous week's bottom three got the ol' heave-ho. Katy Caswell thought she should stay because she "didn't do anything wrong this week". What she did wrong was end up in the bottom three with Ronnie and Frankie Godoy. There was no way that the straight female and gay male viewers were going to keep her over the two guys. Sure enough, Katy stayed awake just long enough to be shown the door and the express car to oblivion.

For this week's photo assignment, the models went to the Bleeker Street Theater to do scenes where they could show drama, movement, and a sense of story for the photographer. The models did their work in groups of three and the first group up was Perry, Ben DiChiara, and Jacki Hydock. Perry again showed he is the best actor. Jacki, on the other hand, had to play someone who was bitter, which was not really a stretch for her. Ben was suppose to act like he was trying to keep them from fighting but he acted more like a school crossing guard than a prison guard.

The second group was Ronnie, Frankie, and Holly Kiser. Basically, it was an example of the worst kind of backwater community theater. Yawn. In the end, the photographer declared Perry, Holly, and Shannon Pallay as the top three.

Later, for Valentine's Day, the men made dinner for the women. After dinner, the models received video messages from loved ones and Ben got a message from his wife April. I assume she was specifically not allowed to tell him to tell Ronnie to keep his hands off her man. Perry didn't get a video, but instead he was allowed to talk on the phone with his girlfriend Amanda Pagel for their one year anniversary. He and the viewers were treated to some incoherent gibberish from her that for some reason made Perry appreciate her more. Seeing Perry's satisfaction makes me think that maybe I've set my own standards too high, expecting people actually to form complete sentences.

Ben DiChiara Ronnie KroellThe catwalk assignment this week was about "walking drama". The models paired up for the assignment and each duo drew a specific theme for their walk. Ronnie and Ben got "rock stars" and Perry and Casey Skinner got "high society". It should be noted that Jacki was the odd woman out and she drew "executive bitch". Again, not a stretch.

At the catwalk Frankie did a good Errol Flynn while Perry and Casey did a satisfactory set of foppish characters.

Ronnie and Ben as "rock stars" were just tragic. Ronnie's facial expressions made him look like a stroke victim. Ben just strolled through the motions. When the judges criticized Ronnie (and questioned him on whether he had a deal to help Ben win), Ronnie made comments that showed that he was ready, willing, and able as soon as the moment was right to throw Ben under the bus if it would help him, Ronnie, to advance.

Ronnie and Frankie fell into the bottom three again, this time with Stephanie Bulger. Bye, Bye, Stephanie, for the same reason why Katy was voted out when going up against these two guys.