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Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Return of Brian Kehoe

Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency returns to the Oxygen channel for season three on 12/4. With the return of the show comes more adventures of the pleasant Brian Kehoe. I don't know if anything will be as exciting as Brian stripping down to show his lack of fur at a PETA rally, but it will be worth watching to see.

Besides Brian there will be several other models that will keep us tuning in. To start there is J.P. Calderon, who is a sentimental favorite. Joining J.P and Brian are Brian Bernie, Danny Nunez, Joe Monbleau, Christian Prelle and Payton Brady, among others.

There are three gay models joining the cast: Shaun McCarron, Paul Anderson, and Rodrigo de Carli (Claudio Martin). That won't get them any special attention here. They will need to show that they are as eye-catching as their straight counterparts.