Sunday, December 2, 2007

Extra Pickel

Jeff Pickel from America's Most Smartest Model spoke with Kennedy on Fox Reality about the show and the other models. Kennedy started off by telling him he was one of the most photogenic models on the show. Would he be a model if he weren't photogenic? I guess he could always be a blogger - the requirements are a lot less stringent.

When asked to name the most sexy male model on the show, Pickel named his AMSMBFF Brett Novek. He went on to talk about how they were now roommates in their 1400 sq. ft. apartment with its two bedrooms and one bath.

Kennedy tried to feed her fantasy by getting Pickel to confirm that he had seen Brett in the shower. The one thing that is better than being a sexy model is of course living with a sexy model. And even better than that is sharing a bathroom with one. He was adamant that there was no peeking at the Brett bits: "I don't look at that kind of stuff, you know what I'm saying?" Pickel needs to know that he doesn't have to look to be running a video camera. In case Pickel hits a dry spell between bookings, a Brett shower cam could earn him a lot of quick cash.

Brett Novek ShowerKennedy wouldn't let the question go of Pickle peeping. K: "But if you did?" P: "But I don't." K: "Would he [Brett] be even sexier?" P: "I don't know, possibly." Finally, Pickel admitted, "To all the female viewers out there, he looks just as good in person as he does on TV." Uh, hello ..., male here. We want to know too. We are just like your female fans except we have a, well you know.

Kennedy makes one more attempt at getting to the bare facts about Brett. She asks, "Is he good enough to eat?" Pickel replies, "Not for me but for some people, yes." As if I needed another stimulus connected with Brett to get my saliva glands working in overdrive. I'm surprised she didn't ask "cut or uncut?" (For the record, a circumstantial circumcision syllogism says cut.)

Pickel used the interview as an opportunity to give the standard model's lament: don't hate me because I'm beautiful. He explained that people such as agents or photographers that aren't as good looking see male models as people that have everything handed to them, so they want to stick it to the models to bring them down a notch. Why would anyone think that models get special attention? It's only coincidence that I have been writing about models for nine weeks and not someone less aesthetically pleasing like Karl Rove.

When asked to name the best models on the show, Pickel listed himself, Brett and Andre. No VJ. For this I make an additional plea: this war, this vendetta, this Sicilian thing must end. Don't make me contact Dr. Phil for you.

In depth coverage and photos of -> America's Most Smartest Model.

I been looking at the photo at the top and I realize that when Pickel is topped off with alcohol, he is really quite adorable. Fortunately, that fits with the necessity of getting him plastered before he and I could get busy. I'm thinking I would need to get him to at least a .2 BAC and totally s***-faced.


Update 1/5/08: Added link to VH1 Celebreality BlogTalkRadio interview.


Scipio said...

She really needed to back off in that interview; Pickel clearly has NO intention of sharing Brett in any way, not even "details".

Would you, LOL?

Anonymous said...

How come you didnt ask Pickel about his opinion on the allegations against Andre?

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean to confuse anybody. I have no connection with the internet radio interview above. It was made by somebody else. I don't do any audio interviews.