Sunday, June 8, 2008

Work Out: Straight To Video

In season three, episode eight of Work Out, it was all about the making of the work out DVD.

At the start of the episode, Andrea Ambandos, the director/producer of the DVD, continued to have worries about Jackie being able to show that she could handle some actual responsibility. Jackie had been making excuses for not finishing the preparations for making the DVD and Andrea was understandably concerned. To try to move things along, Andrea brought video choreographer Keli Roberts to Sky Sport and Spa, hoping that meeting with Jackie would force Jackie to work on planning her routines.

To show her usual contempt for other people, Jackie showed up for the meeting an hour late. She imperiously remarked, "Hey, this is how it is. If I have to make you wait twenty minutes ... you have to wait twenty minutes." This scene gave the viewers another example of what an obnoxious, disrespectful hypocrite Jackie is on the show. She had previously talked about how terrible it was when the trainers showed up late or when the clients made excuses. Is it any surprise that Jackie believes these things only apply to others and not to a person as high and mighty as she erroneously believes that she is?

Jackie WarnerJackie expressed a lame thought she had about breaking the routine up into threes, saying "Good things come in threes." Unfortunately, this show in its 3rd season is definitely not a good thing. It has only served to erase any goodwill that Jackie had previously gained and showed everyone what a loathsome monster she is by the way she treats people.

To get ready for the taping, Jackie, realizing that she had let her body go to hell recently, spent a little time trying to get back in shape. She went training in the hills and slipped and fell on her coccyx. Truly this was the highlight of the season. It could only have been surpassed by a shot of her falling over the side of a cliff as well.

The other trainers for the DVD had to be selected, so Andrea and Jackie did an audition of the Sky Sport trainers. Everyone did some routines and they looked pretty good. Jesse Brune felt that Greg Plitt was definitely video-worthy, saying, "I would put Greg Plitt in my work out video before I'd put me in my workout video." I on the other hand would put Jesse in my video before anybody else. Of course my video would only be available in the adult section in the back of the video store instead of on, but it would still provide viewers some scenes of physically demanding action.

Jesse BruneIn the end Rebecca Cardon, Renessa Williams, Agostina Lanieri, and of course Jesse were cast. Jesse was a given for personality alone. Feeling pretty good about his selection, he said, "Jackie Warner has said to everyone, 'Hey, that Jesse, he's somebody.'" I agree with the affirmation, but I have to point out that the selections were clearly made on the basis of Jackie not allowing anyone to be in the video that she felt could upstage her.

To get ready for the taping, there was a practice session with Keli at Ography dance studio. Keli led the trainers in a "dance" aerobic routine, which showed that Jackie couldn't do routines in a choreographed way. Jackie indicated that she needed to do things like army fitness instead (to hide her lack of finesse). The more exciting thing to watch was Jesse when he lifted his shirt. He was hot and sweaty. Yummy. Jackie had also had Jesse take his shirt off during the audition. Two views of that attractive man flesh. Be still my heart.

The taping for the DVD was uneventful except for Jackie flubbing her lines and laughing, probably at the thought that anyone would be dumb enough to buy a Jackie Warner fitness dvd when there are so many others out there by actual celebrities.

JD JordanIn the other event of the episode, Jesse set up JD on a blind date. Jesse's reasoning was expressed as "Sweet JD. You know, JD has been after me since he's met me. So to deter him from that, I decided to set him up on a date." Jesse has a lot of trepidation about setting up anyone on date but it is not clear why that is. I've set up plenty of blind dates and never worried about it. My methodology is easy. I copy the names and phone numbers written over the urinal at the bar and hand them out to people I feel need a little help in meeting somebody nice. I know they will have a good time, because that's what the message states and because they don't have to stress about the possibility of a second date.

JD met his date Derek at Dolce restaurant. It's hard to watch people try to carry on in such an awkward situation. Even harder to watch is the mouth slobbering the two of them did at the end of the date. Saliva is for digesting food, not expressing attraction.