Sunday, June 15, 2008

Work Out: Briana Escapes

In season three, episode nine of Work Out, it was all about Jackie's fury over losing control over one of her minions, her girlfriend/serf Briana.

While Jackie was spying on Briana by searching through her phone, Jackie had found a message from Briana's ex-girlfriend saying "I love you." Since love, as in the ability to put someone else's needs above yours, is something that Jackie is incapable of, she was immediately jealous of someone else that could give it.

Jackie hauled Briana in to see her counselor, Dr. Shirley. Jackie spoke of why she was totally right and Briana was totally wrong. Unfortunately for Jackie, the doctor didn't just agree with Jackie, so Jackie turned to two people that she knew she had the power over to make them agree to anything she wanted them to. So Jackie went out to eat with Rebecca Cardon and Jesse Brune to talk about the problem that she has created with Briana.

Jackie expressed her bewilderment about Briana having a connection with any other human being. Jackie pointed out that Briana had one of the most essential qualifications for being Jackie's girlfriend: "She adores me. She's all about me." This confusion felt by Jackie reminded me of plantation owners who were completely surprised that their slaves would rise up for their freedom because they didn't enjoy being owned by Massa.

Jesse BruneRebecca and Jesse tried to play along, but Jesse being a compassionate person didn't want Briana to be hurt anymore. He knew that for a good person, a life lived with Jackie would be a living hell, so he encouraged Jackie to think about breaking up in order to protect Briana.

Later on, Greg Plitt, Renessa Williams and Rebecca spent an evening at Greg's. The good time was interrupted when Briana finally left Jackie's house, and Jackie called Rebecca and commanded her to appear before Jackie immediately and pretend to have sympathy. Jackie said she appreciated that Rebecca would drop whatever she was doing to help Jackie. Jackie didn't mention that Rebecca knows what terrible retribution Rebecca would face if she didn't do what she was ordered to do. Rebecca went to Jackie's house and again played along with every vile thing that Jackie spewed from her mouth about Briana.

Near the end of the episode, Briana showed up at Sky Sport with flowers, which Jackie liked because it was similar to be given a tribute offering from a vassal state. Sadly for Briana, she seems to be missing a necessary sense of revulsion. Human evolution has provided us with this sense to protect us from bad things that could harm us. We instinctively are repelled by the scent of old rotting meat. Apparently this scent has no effect on Briana.

At the close, Jackie summed up the third season by saying, "I'm at a place that I will do the best thing for myself." You know the place where you have no thought, no feeling, no concern for any other living thing other than yourself? Oh yeah, she's there.