Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jackie Warner: The Bad Seed

In season three, episode seven of Work Out, it was all about familial relations, especially the ties that grind. Jackie Warner's mom Karen came to visit and this gave Jackie another opportunity to make her mother feel embarrassed and distraught about her daughter's life and behavior.

Jackie stated that her mother is a fundamentalist, who thinks that Jackie is going to burn in Hellfire for the rest of eternity. Jackie said that her mom thinks this because Jackie is a lesbian, but if you ask me, I believe it is more likely that Jackie will be in the lake of fire because of her abusive insensitivity to fellow human beings and her ego's all-consuming worship of her imagined business skills. Also, we can't discount the possibility of a direct contract with Beelzebub to trade her soul for a fitness center. That may the only logical answer to how she ever got this far.

The mom arrived and Jackie lamented that she finds herself regressing around her mother. Oh great, that means an even more immature acting version of the bitch.

About her girlfriend Briana, Jackie says to her mom, "Don't scare this one off." Mom replied, "I haven't ever scared anybody off. You have a way of doing that." I guess Mom is pretty astute about her daughter's social skills.

Jackie kept asking her mom if she had any questions about Briana. Mom said she didn't, but I'm guessing she really wanted to ask Jackie how she could find anyone that could stand to be around her.

The visit quickly disintegrated into inevitable unhappiness because in typical Jackie fashion, she didn't care enough to tell her mom ahead of time that Briana's mother and sisters were coming to stay at Jackie's at the same time. Mom's trip from Dayton to spend quality time alone with Jackie was ruined.

Later, Jackie visited her counselor. I don't what methodology is being used, but I think for Jackie to get better, she needs to get to the point where she can stand up in front of a group and say, "I'm Jackie, and I'm a horrible person."

Jesse BruneOn a lighter note, Jesse Brune's sister Bethany visited him. She came with him to Sky Lab, where he helped her work out. Jesse told an anecdote about Bethany stealing Jackie's number from his cell phone and making a prank call to her. It would have been better if Bethany had written it on every restroom stall from L.A. to Yakima, but the prank would have been on the people who found it who would have gotten the extreme opposite of a good time.

Jesse and Bethany finished exercising and they went shopping. Just an aside: I want to go shopping with Jesse also and maybe spend some extended time with him in the fitting room.

Jesse also went shopping with his client Natalie for a "goal dress" at his friends' store "Sugar". I call that type of wear aspirational clothing. I have a few shirts with the price tags still on them in my closet that fit that description. Jesse told Natalie that he wanted her to get something that she was terrified of. I would like to get some clothing advice from Jesse, but I'm terrified of pleather and I hope Jesse wouldn't try to convince me to wear that.