Saturday, May 3, 2008

Digest Of Week Ending 05-02-08

Sunday, April 27. 60 Minutes. There was a segment on the Israel Air Force. As I have said before, there are hot young men defending the Jewish homeland. Because of security reasons, they couldn't show the faces of the airmen, but you could tell they were as sexy as their earthbound counterparts in the IDF. There was also a piece on Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia. I believe his conservative views sway his decisions more than a search for justice. but I agree with the concept of original intent. When the original part of the Constitution or any of the amendments were written, they were done succinctly, capturing what the essence of the purpose of clause. They could do that, because most people at the time would know what the language was suppose to cover. The alternative would be to make each amendment contain as much small print as possible to cover every possible situation, like a legal contract. Amendments could be like 60 pages apiece. That's probably what we will see in the future.

Big Brother 9. Thank goodness Adam Jasinski won over Ryan Quicksall. I didn't care for either one of them, but between the two of them, I disliked Ryan more. When the jury was discussing the merits of the two finalists it sounded like they were learning towards Ryan. Egads! It looks like only Joshuah Welch stayed with Ryan till the end though. Was it because of a crush? Regardless, Joshuah made himself sound like an ass when he was trying to bitch out Adam for not being deferential enough to her highness. Joshuah needs to get over himself. On the internet feed he said things that made him seem even more creepy. He's the standard gay psycho bitch that reality TV loves to cast. On the other hand, if he follows through with his suggestion that he might do gay adult video, that could be worth watching. He and other BB9 cast members (including Sheila Kennedy and her son!) partied with Chi Chi LaRue after the wrap party.

Tuesday, April 29. American Idol. Jason Castro keeps getting weaker and weaker. I mean with the sound presence. It just keeps diminishing. Soon he will only be barely humming the songs. He's winding down and he needs to just wander off of the stage and into some smoky haze. I wish David Archuleta would have rather sang "Hello Again" instead of "Sweet Caroline". He could have had a classic performance with it. It's my favorite Neil Diamond song. I have to admit that Syesha did a reasonably good job with it, but I think it would be best sung by a male voice. This week seemed to be the happiest I have seen Archuleta. His eyes were twinkling on overdrive.

Wednesday, April 30. American Idol. I guess it doesn't matter what order the contestants leave before we get to the final two of David Archuleta and David Cook, but the order this season seems more random than in order of talent. Who would think that Brooke White should leave before Jason Castro? Speaking of Jason, wouldn't he be the perfect replacement for Paula Abdul? He could speak inane, not-quite-there blather as well as she has. Of course he might think people have sang four or five songs when they have only sang one, so it would probably be better to stick with Paula.

Thursday, May 1. Survivor. Finally, a dramatic usage of the hidden immunity idol when Amanda Kimmel saved herself and forced the elimination of Alexis Jones. I just with the usage of the idol would also allow the holder to rehide it by ramming it up the ass of the person leading their eviction effort. In this case, a quick thrust sideways up Natalie Bolton would be just what Nat deserved and would make a trip to exile island totally worth it.

Friday, May 2. 20/20: Secrets of the Sistine, Michelangelo's Mystery. This special presentation was about a set of absurd theories on what Michelangelo might have hidden in his imagery when he painted the Sistine Chapel. They only left out the possibility of a second savior on the grassy knoll and God flying in on his extraterrestrial spaceship to give Adam life.