Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jackie Warner: Bad Boss Or Just Evil?

In season three, episode four of Work Out, there is almost no airtime for Jesse Brune, so all the focus was on Jackie Warner's reign of terror over Sky Sport. Her inexorable displeasure with anything that is good or decent in this world was displayed as she disparaged the trainers and allowed her clients to be mocked.

After she returned from a lesbian cruise, Jackie returned home and spoke about it with her girlfriend, Briana. Jackie said that she "had it up to here with 'the trainers'". You have to imagine her saying it as one may talk about being around livestock or something else less than human. She went on to say, "Just, you know what? I'm not used to being in such small quarters with them. I can take them in doses, but to have to force socializing, like morning, noon and night..." It would have been interesting to hear from the female trainers what it was like being in close quarters with such a vicious creature like Jackie. Their story might have been another "Voyage of the Damned".

At work, Jackie talked to the Sky Lab clients. She wanted to know how they were bonding with their trainers. (Natalie said she and Jesse are practically best friends.) Jackie did a boot camp and was disappointed in the clients' performance (surprise). You know, maybe if she would stop having them exercise outside in the polluted air they wouldn't get winded so easily.

Inside, Lisa, the office's manager of gossip and malicious manipulation, narked to Jackie on Brian Peeler's previous conversation with Don Scott, which was shown in the previous episode. Jackie replied that she always hated Brian and then purportedly gave a list of Brian's faults, but which in fact accurately only described her. "Everything for Brian Peeler is about Brian Peeler" and "'Why aren't I getting enough attention'" and "He bulldozes in on everything." Replace the subject of these jabs with Jackie and it sounds much more believable.

Speaking of being desperate for attention, client Deenie blew up at her trainer Gregg Butler for not being focused enough on her. It sounded like she didn't need a trainer as much as she needs a boyfriend or a shrink or an outfit that resists stains such as a heavy cream sauce or tears (see video clip below). For me, if I'm paying someone for a service, I don't want them to pretend we're friends (unless of course the service is prostitution and the fantasy of the hour is being man's best friend on all fours).

In other news, Gregg Plitt and Erika Jacobson did a photo shoot together and they showed some attraction for each other. Boring.

Brian PeelerThe real drama of the episode was saved for the end. Jackie and Lisa watched Brian Peeler doing a session with famous fitness model Jamie Eason. One of the two Sky Sport women made fun of Jamie breasts. Jamie's boyfriend overheard the comments and told Jackie that Jamie was a breast cancer survivor. Jackie said the situation was an accident, as in an unfortunate accident that she got caught.

Later, after a meeting with the trainers to discuss making a fitness video, Brian asked to speak with Jackie. He wanted to discuss the Jamie affair. Since he was her trainer, and he was the one that put Jamie in a position to be ridiculed at Sky Sport, he was quite justified to tell Jackie how unacceptable her behavior had been. Jackie said she wasn't going to discuss it. Well, there didn't need to be a discussion. She just needed to sit back and be told what an implacable bitch she is, for whom getting karma cancer would still not be sufficient retribution for her being such a horrible person. She didn't want hear it so she ended up firing Brian to try to silence him.

As he left the office, Brian accurately pointed out that "she is just a worthless human body for doing that to somebody."

About the workout video: Jackie was given an opportunity to make an exercise dvd, proving again that any two-bit "celebrity" can make one. More refuse to fill up the bargain bins at Kmart. Jackie said she wanted to include her sexiest trainers, so of course that should mean that Jesse Brune would have to be included. We'll see.


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