Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Work Out: Getting Dirty

In season three, episode three of Work Out, it was all about the boys getting dirty in the mud and the girls on a kooz cruise trying to figure out if it is better to have tuna with good taste or tuna that tastes good.

Jackie Warner had taken the females on a lesbian cruise, so Brian Peeler had asked the male trainers at Sky Sport as a counterpoint to join him as a team to do a mud run at Camp Pendleton's 10K obstacle course. Peeler saw it as a bonding experience for the five of them: Peeler, Greg Plitt, JD Jordan, Jesse Brune and Gregg Butler. At the time that Peeler first presented the idea, some of the guys said they looked forward to getting in the mud. Personally, I can't stand even getting my hands soiled and deliberately jumping into mud would be unthinkable. On the other hand, I have to agree with Jesse: "Honestly, being trapped on a boat with a bunch of lesbians, versus going to play in the mud, I'd choose the mud."

The boys went to the base and started the run (sans shirts). Peeler had shown a lot of bravado about how much better he would do than his teammates, but shortly after starting, he got a cramp at mile 1. This didn't hold back the two gay trainers. JD and Jesse went out in front of their team and ended up with the real bonding experience. They made their theme of the day be "eat our fairy dust". They finished the course just under an hour but then had to wait for the rest of the team. Their performance was really good. I'm used to seeing gay guys only doing drag races, and in heels, they don't run so fast.

Peeler ended up being alone and last by a long, long, long margin. He was a little miffed because he loves the thought of buddy activities and he was more interested in the camaraderie of the team rather than its placement. He didn't care about coming in last as long as he had his mates with him to share the moment.

Peeler was able to share a group shower after the race and he was shown going under the water in his boxer briefs. Jesse said that the water must have been cold (suggesting that Peeler had a small package and that the temperature of the water could be used as an excuse). Jesse must not have had a good vantage point or else had water in his eye, because the camera showed that Peeler has at least a ballpark frank and maybe even a large size tin of Spam.

Peeler let himself be the subject of good natured ribbing about his performance. He was happy to enjoy the fraternization. He took the opportunity to ask the guys what their opinion was about his previous unhappy experience with the Don Scott meeting with Jackie (concerning the Doug Blasdell fundraiser) where Peeler was excluded. Peeler said he had no idea why Jackie doesn't like him and he wanted to know if the men had any insight. Jesse pondered what he should say, knowing that he had already discussed the matter with Jackie and had gotten her side of the event. Jesse finally said that his opinion was that Jackie was disturbed by Brian's insistence of remembering and referring to Doug and his death after she and supposedly everyone else wanted to forget it. Jesse suggested that there was an appearance that Peeler's onging mourning of Doug's passing was not so much about his feeling of loss but rather an attempt by Peeler to get attention.

Here is an interesting psychological situation. You have two people, Jackie and Jesse, that are both uncomfortable about Brian's persistence in talking about Doug. However, the reason for each one's discomfort, whether they understand it or not, is very different. Jackie doesn't like Brian because he is a caring, compassionate person, which is something that she knows she can never be. She sees the enjoyment that others have in being human and resents that such joy will never be hers in her soulless existence. It is easy to understand then why she would direct the resulting bitterness towards a person that embodies the essence of what is to her an unattainable achievement. On the other, Jesse has character and soul but he has a weakness of wanting to avoid that which makes him unhappy. He had had a disagreement with Doug but had made up with him before the end. Still, there is a noticeable distress that Jesse feels when reminded of Doug. Therefore he just wants Peeler to stop bringing it up so that he, Jesse, can bury the memories deeper in the vault of unsettling shadows of things past.

Gregg and Jesse go further by trying to make Peeler understand that nothing is going to change Jackie's tyranny over Sky Sport and that all the trainers had to accept the loss of their dignity and self-respect if they want wanted to keep working for the monster.

Meanwhile, on the les-boat, poor Rebecca Cardon had to play pool games, including lesbian balloon popping. She had to give a lap dance with sufficient force to pop a balloon that lay between her and her gamy partner, exploding the protective latex that separated her from the unpleasantness below. She had fun but said it was the most mortifying experience of her life. She just wanted to get off the ship.

Quote that most endears me to Rebecca: "I miss the penis."