Saturday, April 26, 2008

Digest Of Week Ending 4-25-08

Sunday, April 20. Dateline. There was a disgusting segment on how old mattresses found on the street are just recovered and sold. Why would anyone buy a used mattress? Better to sleep on the floor or the dirt outside than some urine and feces soaked padding.

60 Minutes. There was a very interesting segment on the possibility of the lost da Vinci fresco of the Battle of Anghiari being behind Giorgio Vasari's in the Palazzo Vecchio. If true, it would be the most amazing find in art since the discovery of Lascaux. I'm sure someone cares about Vasari's work, but if there is evidence that the da Vinci is behind it, it should be ripped down asap to get to the unimaginably priceless masterpiece hidden underneath.

Big Brother 9. I think I am starting to root for Sheila Kennedy. Unbelievable.

Desperate Housewives. The show has been so repetitive with sex with underage boys and unsolved murders. This week was a little more interesting. It was good to see Eddie McGee again (playing one of the two characters in a wheelchair). Eddie was the winner of Season 1 of Big Brother. What I don't like is how Gabby is treating Carlos. It reminds too much of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Tuesday, April 21. American Idol. Syesha seemed to have gotten a lot more applause than she deserved. She was just too unpolished to be considered good. It was sacrilege that Jason Castro did not know that a cat sang "Memories". And worse, it was bizarre to hear Grizabella portrayed as a stoner cat. All in all it was a dismal performance. It should be added to the best of the worst routines from the rejects at the beginning of the season. It was that bad. I love the song "You Must Love Me", but I hated Brooke White's rendition. She makes you want to tell the character just go ahead and die, please. I would have loved to have heard David Archuleta sing the song instead (or "Memories"). I thought it was tacky for Ryan to let little girls paw at Archuleta. I was as uncomfortable watching it as he was from being touched by girls. About his performance, there are so many other songs I would rather have heard him sing from the songbook. I totally agree with Simon that it was too forgetable. Maybe he should let Daddy pick his songs. Listening to Carly Smithson was like listening to an AM radio from tiny speakers with a muted mid-range. I am forced to admit that David Cook actually seemed to understand the character singing "Music of the Night". It was a good job.

Hell's kitchen. I missed it this week and I was very unhappy about it. It usually is a highlight of the viewing week.

Big Brother 9. I was sorry to see Sharon go, but it was really her own fault. She had so many opportunities to win competitions but she couldn't seal the deal. She couldn't expect to win the top prize if she couldn't win HOH along the way. Of the final three, I think Sheila is the most deserving. I haven't always liked the way she has played, ethically speaking, but she has been a really good player.

Wednesday, April 23. Big Brother 9. I hate that Ryan Quicksall and Adam Jasinski are the final two. I always hate the finale of Big Brother. I almost always dislike the last two players. Ryan is such a blob of nothing and a double-crosser. I have to believe that the jury will select Adam as the winner. It was funny to see inside the jury house and watch crazy Natalie experience again how much Matt dislikes her. Will this girl ever get some dignity and stop blaspheming and stop chasing after a guy that just wishes she would go away?

American Idol. Why did Andrew Lloyd Webber have the guys sing so high on "All I Ask Of You"? They sang like their nuts had been snipped. Webber pointed out the obvious that Jason singing "Memories" was bizarre, but that it was Jason's choice. That's why you are not supposed to make important decisions while under the influence. He should have been the one to go instead of Carly Smithson. I guess there were a lot of stoned voters this week, both in Pennsylvania and across the country. I liked the Ford video. David Archuleta was sweet playing the animator.

Top Chef. It took me awhile to catch up this season. I watched like five episodes last weekend starting from the beginning. This week's highlight: executive pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini. He has great eyes.

Thursday, April 24. Survivor. I'm too agitated by the stupidity of Survivor players to say anything.

Friday, April 25. 20/20. There was a hidden camera experiment leaving a child alone on a New York city street to see if anyone would stop to help. The results showed that while most people wouldn't stop, of those that did, the majority were women. It was pointed out that men would be more concerned with being accused of something. It's sad that it is that way, but you have to be concerned with self-defense. There have been so many people falsely accused by children that a person would have to be nuts to have anything to do with them. The best course of action is to call authorities (from a distance). There was another hidden camera experiment with gay people showing PDA in public. As expected, two men met with more disapproval than two women. The two women were feminine types though. It would have been interesting to have included two butch women as well to see what the reaction would have been. My view treats everyone the same. I don't like PDA involving anyone. Put me in the bitter column.