Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Work Out: Back To Work

In season three, episode one of Work Out, Jesse Brune goes on a double date to Geisha House restaurant, he with his boyfriend and Jackie Warner with her new girlfriend. This is the first opportunity for Jesse to show his beau on air. Because it's Jesse, I want to be happy for him being in a relationship but it's hard because I hate all couples. I put that aside and see the boyfriend as one of those people who win the mega lottery. You think good for them, although you still wish it were you instead. It's all twists of fate, so fare thee well, happy couple.

Jesse and Jackie talk about a situation that had occurred earlier where Doug Blasdell's partner, Don Scott, as the organizer for a fundraiser for Doug's foundation, had come to Sky Sport to talk to Jackie and Brian Peeler about speaking at the event. Jackie used the opportunity to be shockingly callous and petty by abusing her position as the boss and keeping Brian out of the meeting. It has been clear that Jackie and Brian don't like each other at all, but the situation was a really tasteless slap down considering Doug and Brian's relationship. Jackie makes it worse by stating that she doesn't believe it's a big deal to treat people like trash. She referred to Brian's involvement with the Doug fundraiser as the tiniest of things. It won't be surprising then if karma gives her a literal bitch slap back on something someday that is important to her. Hopefully Brian will be aware of it and get the last laugh.

To introduce new trainer Greg Plitt to the audience, Erika runs to show Jesse a copy of Fitness RX for Men magazine with Greg on the cover. Jesse is intrigued by the photos inside, but he feels Greg is too built up. He and Erika joke with disdain that perhaps the bulk is not all natural, yet Jesse politely states that Greg looks like a nice person and like someone with good conversational skills. Jesse went on with a mixed and somewhat confusing assessment that Greg looked creepy, but also like a beautiful mountain that one would need to climb.

I totally agree with Jesse. Too much muscle is too much. What would be a perfect body? I think one with the initials J.B.

Jesse quote that makes me feel closer to him: "A body like that takes dedication. And dedication that I would never like to have."

Brian Peeler quote that makes me feel closer to him: "There's only so much kissing, lesbian kissing that people can take."