Saturday, April 12, 2008

Digest Of Week Ending 04-11-08

Sunday, April 6. Big Brother 9. I agree with Ryan Quicksall's assessment that Joshuah Welch's departure speech was cheesy. It was inconsistent with the way he acted through the season. Natalie Cunial continued her blasphemy, stating that God speaks to her in dreams and that He went out of his way to let her know that Adam would win HOH. Hopefully God will strike her with lightning to show what a fraud she is.

Monday, April 7. Larry King Live. The guests were the American Idol judges. I had thought the way that AI works is pretty simple and straightforward but Larry seemed to remain clueless throughout the hour about it no matter how many times the premise of the show was explained to him. There was a mention of David Hernandez but the judges pointed out that his stripper past didn't or at least shouldn't have mattered in the vote where David was let go. The judges talked about who the favorites were, but they didn't mention that Kristy Lee Cook is the worst one remaining on the show. In addition to the discussion, it would have been nice for Larry to have taught Ryan how to talk.

Tuesday, April 8. American Idol. Syesha Mercado was screeching again. Ghastly. Krisy Lee Cook was screaming again. Please, America, put her out of our misery.

Wednesday, April 9. Big Brother 9.The HOH competition has the houseguests in class cages. Glad to see Natalie and Sheila Kennedy in one. I just hope Natalie doesn't get it. I can't stand her and the sooner she leaves the better.

Thursday, April 10. American Idol. There was a clip of some of the stars from the previous night lip syncing to a song. In this Rob Schneider finally showed a talent. It was interesting to see how David Archuleta was really getting down during the Ford video. The video had a car driving through puddles of multi-colored paint. With all the ink on her they should have just used Carly Smithson's body and run over that instead. It was surprising that Michael Johns left at this point in the competition. It should have been Kristy Lee Cook. Is Kristy the next Sanjaya?

Friday, April 11. Meeting David Wilson. This show had an interesting premise with two David Wilsons, one white and one black whose ancestors were associated by slavery. It was depressing at first to hear from African-Americans about the continuing slavery of the mind, that keeps people obsessed with the past and not focusing on today. As the show went on, it did turn around when the documentary maker seemed to accept that the only way forward it to unlock yourself from the chains of the past. Unfortunately, the show got hijacked at the end by the live panel who just peddled tired racial stereotypes. It was supposed to be an open conversation about race, but there was no dialogue. It was only a set of speeches that preached political correctness and would not allow any difference of opinion. The whole thing is hopeless until the day comes when all of can draw a line on the calendar and agree that nothing that happened before that point will be accepted as having an unalterable effect on any of us.

Comedy Central Presents. I watched the stand-up routine of Nick Thune. He was hilarious and no bad looking. Sample line: "Let me tell you guys the most awkward place to run into a homeless person. On your way to the Coinstar."