Saturday, April 19, 2008

Digest Of Week Ending 4-18-08

I have to be more summarized this week than usual, having been preoccupied with other things. Fortunately I don't need a lot of words to celebrate my trifecta. I have been wanting to see Natalie Cunial leave Big Brother 9, Kristy Lee Cook leave American Idol and Ozzy Lusth be voted out of Survivor. It was Thursday afternoon that I started to think that maybe after I had seen Natalie and Kristy Lee get the heave-ho this week, that the rule of things occurring in threes might foretell the end of Ozzy's reign. I actually skipped to the end of Survivor because I couldn't wait to see who lost and that's when I heard Ozzy giving his final bitter statements about his fellow players. Yay!

I wanted Kristy Lee to go because her singing was so bad, Natalie because of her blasphemy, and Ozzy because of his cockiness. Ozzy could have won and it would have been deserved, but I can't stand it when people think they have the competition in the bag.

The other thing worth mentioning this week was David Archuleta's pants choice. Were they leather? It's like seeing Raggedy Andy in goth. It's unsettling.