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Sunday, April 6, 2008

MMAS: Holly Good And Fine

In the finale of Make Me A Supermodel, it was all about experiencing the real world by meeting with actual potential clients, and also about having the real world temporarily intrude by having a visit from significant people from home. It may have just been a way to fill out an hour for the finale, but it did provide some interesting moments and helped shape (or solidified) the viewers' last assessment of the final four contestants.

The models were given maps and a list of appointments with casting people. Strangely, finding their way to the particular street addresses of the clients appeared to be the hardest challenge of the season. In future seasons it should definitely be made a contest in the regular part of the show. That, and walking and chewing gum at the same time. I don't why; it just amuses me.

Ben DiChiara was shown first going to Esprit. The rep said they wanted their models to be a little sexy but still wholesome. It sounded like a perfect description of Ben, and he did look really good in their clothes. I would be enticed to buy seeing how well the clothes looked on him. The only sour note was that Ben came to the go-see wearing his blue shirt with the argyle pattern that he lived in for most of the series. I know Ben burned clothes off his back in the first episode to show how committed he was but could he redo that ceremony and this time throw in the blue shirt? It had been washed so many times and was so worn it would just make a tiny puff of smoke from the few threads that were left.

Later Ben went to Ginch Gonch underwear where walked around in their briefs and agreed to use a banana as a prop. His comment to the TV camera was that he didn't particularly like dancing around like a monkey but he did it anyway. Thank goodness Ben is coming around to doing things that he feels uncomfortable with (that aren't bad things anyway) because the job requires it. This was a necessary hurdle for him to get over and he seems to be trying to make it. The casting people didn't care him but what do they know? Their company used over-inflated porn stars as their models.

Perry Ullmann went to People's Revolution where he showed his walk and the comments about him were of course that he was edgy, sexy, and great for runway and editorial. At establishment casting, inc., Perry was described as beautiful and charming. Two for two - not bad.

Ronnie Kroell met with Rebecca Beeson who said her brand was modern, sexy, and cool - none of which is Ronnie. He tried on the clothes and did his walk and it was just embarrassing to watch. His first outfit was vertical stripes which is guaranteed to look horrible on him. When he walked, it was classic Ronnie. He leaned backwards while he walked and then did the same look and turn at the end that he always does. Surely there is at least some fly-by-night modeling school at his local mall that could teach him to stop doing that caricature.

Later Ronnie went to Ginch Gonch to give it a go. He tried on their wares, which was not an aesthetically pleasing sight, and then like Ben did a routine with a banana. Omigod! Even in that scenario, Ronnie did the same expression and turn as always. It's like he's addicted to it. His friends and family in Chicago need to have an intervention to tell him how much his lack of variety is hurting them (and those of us watching the show).

All the models went to GQ to try on clothes and take Polaroids. BTW, Polaroid is going to stop making film so GQ better drag themselves into the digital age. The people there said Perry was the best, naturally, as long as they could get rid of the red hair. I totally agree on the hair thing. It needs to be darker to balance against his complexion.

On the models' last night at the townhouse, Holly Kiser's fiancee, Ben's wife April, Perry's girlfriend Amanda, and Ronnie's mother showed up to add some poignancy and drama and who cares. I must say that Ben and April were so cute together. She really makes Ben become even more adorable. It was a good moment but it was interrupted by lecherous Ronnie butting it to try to create some awkward drama.

The end finally came and the models appeared before the judges to hear the results. It wasn't clear if the models were dismissed in reverse order of popularity, but Perry and Ben went first, which really scared me. I thought surely the votes of gay viewers wanting to see a gay guy win regardless of talent would not be enough to put Ronnie on top. It was tense, but finally Holly was declared the winner and Ronnie disappeared literally into the wings.

After episode eleven, I would have been happy with either Perry or Holly winning, and during the finale I became okay with Ben winning. So, I had a 3 out of four chance of capping off this season with some satisfaction. But now, like the end of The Truman Show, I'm thinking, so what else is on?