Friday, April 4, 2008

Digest Of Week Ending 04-04-08

Sunday, March 30. Big Brother 9. If were to ignore Joshuah Welch's rants and his TMI about sloppy anal sex, I think would be liking him more and more. It's unbelievable that America would say that Natalie Cunial would give a more inspirational speech than Joshuah. He pointed out that he could do it and use words longer than 5 letters and his speech would not be written in crayon or nail polish. I still really dislike Natalie. She continued her blasphemous ways by stating that God does her bidding to control the results of BB competitions and curses her enemies. If he does answer her prayers, she out ought to pray very hard for God to help heal her mind. Maybe he could repair what ever part of her brain creates the psychotic theories of numerology that will eventually make every one of the digits her special number. She won HOH by getting the obvious questions right and randomly raising her right and left hands on the others and so just got lucky. Joshuah wisely pointed out how Matt McDonald will probably have to get a restaining order against her when the game is over. There should be an online contest to see how many days go by before he is forced to do that.

American Idol. Ryan Seacrest started the show by doing an April Fools Day joke. He's not believable when he is telling the truth and it's no different when he's lying. I did have one surprise: I actually liked David Cook's performance. If he were to start using Prell or industrial strength shampoo, it's possible I could someday like him. Ramiele Malubay surprisingly seemed to raise herself up to being just strongly below average. Simon said her performance would be something heard on a cruise ship - perhaps Voyage of The Damned. There was another beautiful performance from the Honduran hobbit, David Archuleta. I guess there will be no whupping from Dad tonight. Kristy Lee Cook sang "Coat of Many Colors" with her voice of many tones, none of them on pitch. As bad as Kristy was, the worst performance of the evening was Syesha. It was the worst kind of cat screeching possible. It should be recorded and used as burglar alarms to scare away intruders.

With the Indiana primary on May 6th, we are finally starting to see presidential campaign commercials. I had been seeing only the Obama one with him in front of an abandoned steel mill. During American Idol there was a "save the planet" ad for him. Not likely to play well in Indiana. Hugging a pig, good. Hugging a tree, bad.

Hell's Kitchen. I love this show. Gordon Ramsey is so harsh he makes Simon Cowell seem Pollyannish. He talks like I wish I could to my staff. Also, the contestants are so wonderfully buffoonish. As one of them said, "At least I didn't make him [Chef Ramsey] throw up like the last guy."

Big Brother 9.Sheila Kennedy got yelled at pretty good by James Zinkand, and she really deserved it. She is probably the worst two-face of the season and her pronouncements that she should be treated special because she is an old, single mother is getting very tiresome. James got his revenge by winning POV, but that of course just sealed the fate of his ally, Joshuah. Josh knew he would picked as James' replacement when James would pull himself off of the block. Unfortunately, Josh didn't realize that he should never trust Natalie. He made a deal with her to have Sharon voted off instead of him, but there is no way that is going to happen. Natalie is a nut and a bigmouth and there is no question she is going to rat out Joshuah.

Wednesday, April 2. American Idol Thank goodness Ramiele is gone, but America needs to put out Kristy Lee Cook next. The results show is too long, but once again, that is what Tivo is for. You can watch the whole episode in a only a few minutes. I know some people don't like the fan questions, but I think it is worthwhile. The show has always been about spontaneous comments and the viewer questions add to this.

Big Brother 9. Joshuah had a scheme to misuse the rules to get a penalty and so be saved this week because people would see that he would be easy to remove next week so they would be more likely to remove Sharon this week. That plan was actually kind of interesting. The plan that was really pathetic was crying on cue for Adam Jasinski, trying to get his sympathy. His big mistake was trusting Natalie. She's too dumb to think strategically so you never know what she is going to do other that use her big mouth. She did rat out Joshuah to Sharon and once again she went back on her word by making sure everyone voted out Joshuah. The worst part of all this is that this is the time when people should be thinking ahead as to how they need to set things up for when James and Josh are gone. They need to turn on each other eventually and they should make use of their enemies as part of the plan. I agree with Josh's mother that sometimes you have to watch him by looking between your fingers. Some of the things he has done must be very embarrassing for her to see. Obviously people in the house hadn't forgotten what he has done and they were glad to get rid of him. Sharon was so close to getting HOH. The rest of the season would have been a lot more interesting if she had gotten it.

Thursday, April 3. Survivor. Ami Cusack was so in command during her original season. What has happened? She has had several opportunities to take control and she has always given in. Her due from this was to be voted out. How many opportunities to get rid of Ozzie are people going to waste?

Friday, April 4. 20/20. Most of the show was about the killing of Dano Cicciaro by John White in Miller Place, NY. It was a tough case and made harder by the racial aspects. I could see both sides and I am a big supporter of being able to use force to defend one's home and property. In the end, I decided that Mr. White did act recklessly and the charges should have been murder instead of manslaughter. He was found guilty but only received a sentence of a few years in prison. He should consider himself lucky having undeniably killed a 17 year old kid. On a lighter note, I want to add that Anthony Simeone, one of Dano's friends, is really cute. I like that Italian, Long Island look, as long as there isn't too much hair gel. Why do they put that glop on their heads? I don't get it.