Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Idol Gives Back

For Idol Gives Back, I was glad to see the So You Think You Can Dance stars, including Benji Schwimmer, Nick Lazzarini and Pasha Kovalev. I was a little frightened by Mary Murphy's threat of screaming all night until people contributed though. I had the phone in my hand but fortunately she stopped in time.

The script writers made Miley Cyrus seem like both an egotist and a fool. Her agent should have vetoed it. I have never been sure why she's popular. I don't think she could have made the finals on AI. A video was shown of her father Billy Ray taking her to a trashy part of Appalachia. Question: how can people make something of themselves if they won't even pick up the garbage in their yard? It doesn't take money just to pick up trash and put it in a bin.

Reese Witherspoon made an appearance on the show. Where was Jake? As a consolation, I was happy to see David Hernandez again. David Archuleta showed how much better he is than every one else when he sang is part in "Seasons of Love". Robin Williams did a tiresome mockery of a stereotypical Russian. Didn't that routine finish its course in the 80s?

On the charity part, I just don't agree with repopulating New Orleans unless it can be made safe from flooding. There's no reason to create another catastrophe-waiting-to-happen. If NOLA has half as many people as it had before, that's okay. There are other parts of Louisiana or the U.S. where we can build houses. To continue to talk about displace people is ridiculous. There are thousands of people who have moved to other parts of the country permanently. To keep treating them as if they are still residents of New Orleans is crazy.