Friday, March 28, 2008

Digest Of Week Ending 03-28-08

Sunday, March 23. Big Brother 9. James Zinkand's need for revenge is way over the top. if the producers gave him bricks and mortar he would probably try to seal his enemies in their room, ala "The Cask of Amontillado". Unfortunately for him, his enemies will not be taken advantage of so easily.

Natalie Cunial said she was sad to see her "soul mate" leave. As much as I didn't care for Matt, I am really starting to be concerned for his safety when the show ends. He's going to find a guinea pig in the cooking pot. "Crazy" Natalie said her bible gives her guidance. I wonder what verse guided her to give Matt a bj under the covers? She was also acting like she had something to do with Adam nominating James and Chelsia Hart. I am reminded that Joshuah Welch had said that the guinea pigs didn't have the brain capacity to understand the English that was Sharon Obermueller was speaking to them. Well, like the guinea pigs, Natalie doesn't have in my opinion the brain capacity to have caused these nominations or any other scheme.

Joshuah said he likes jabbing Sheila Kennedy to irritate her. I rather just see him poke her repeatedly with a sharp stick.

Tuesday, March 25. American Idol. Ramiele Malubay mentioned singing karaoke at parties. Mercifully, I have heard few karaoke singers sing as bad as her. How many drinks would you need before you were soused enough to think that she was in tune? There's no way she was better than Amanda Overmyer or David Hernandez and she needs to be tossed out on her tin ear. Simon said Jason Castro was too laid back. Wasn't Jason just doing an impression of an extreme stoner? Maybe its for real. I don't know. Michael Johns did Queen again. Oh no, no, no. There will ever be only one Freddie Mercury and any imitation will only pale in comparison. Carly Smithson sang "Total Eclipse Of The Heart". There is only one just response to her performance: a full force, open palm slap across the face from Bonnie Tyler. David Archuleta sang amazingly well again, although I agree that his song selection was not good for this kind of show. Simon said it was the kind of song you would hear at a theme park with animated characters all around. Doesn't that fit? Isn't David an animated character? Or maybe just a charm in search of a bracelet.

The most excruciating performance of the evening was Kristy Lee Cook. They needed a stage hand to stand next to her blowing on a pitch pipe to remind her of how far off she was. If you have an ear for music you know how painful it is to listen to something like this. Your hands instinctively fly up to protect your ears.

Big Brother 9. I am decidedly with the Joshuah, Sharon, Chelsia and James clique. I hate Natalie and I hate Sheila. When the four who were going to see the movie 21 went through their popcorn looking for the trip ticket, Chelsia dumped her popcorn on the floor and found the ticket. Natalie said she was going to eat the popcorn off the floor and sulk. I had already assumed Natalie was the kind of person that would eat off of the floor.

Wednesday, March 26. Big Brother 9. Sharon letting herself be put up is so risky. I hope the pawn move finally works. Between Sharon and Chelsia, I think Chelsia deserves more to be voted out. She was the person responsible for the slag heap Shelia turning away from the James and Joshuah group. Still, I think Chelsia's aggression in this episode was some of the best I have ever seen, although it is way too easy to mock Natalie. James called Chelsia a huge raging bitch, but James has been the biggest raging bitch in the game. Chelsia said Sheila will be rode hard and put away wet. Ewww! In the end, what a horrible sick feeling in the stomach to see Natalie get HOH.

Thursday, March 27. The Celebrity Apprentice. What a hilarious mockery of the Backstreet Boys. What nitwits would ask for black fingernail polish and wheat grass juice when they know it will all be televised? I kind of wished Trace Adkins would have won. In general, he seemed like a nice guy.

Friday, March 28. 20/20. There was a segment on children exhibiting gay traits early in life. It doesn't take a scientist to know that a boy that wants a Barbie is on an unalterable straight path to a place that isn't straight. Believe me, I know.