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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Exclusive Interview - Brian Kehoe

Ever since Brian Kehoe captured the camera and the viewers' attention when he first appeared in season two of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, he has been an essential star of the series and a reason for people to keep watching to see in what new hijinks the mischievous model will be involved. Kehoe sometimes pushes Janice's buttons, but it just gives her a chance to practice her tough love therapy on him. She appreciates that Kehoe is a top level model who can give the clients exceptional results.

I'm fortunate to be able share with everyone the responses that super fan-friendly Kehoe has graciously provided to some questions I posed to him to help his fans learn a little more about him. He talks about college, career, and cohorts, and what he'd do if HE had the power with Janice.

For those of us far from Nevada, tell us what it's like to be from Reno.

Reno is the most amazing city to grow up in because of the way you know know so many people, yet there are new faces to see everyday! It really is the "Biggest Little City"! I'd like to give a shout to how much I miss the Kalifornia Jean Bar's hospitality and complimentary wine as I shopped, My Favorite Muffin's free wi-fi, and makin' moves at the "Lodo Loft Starbucks" with B. and Naldi. Holler No-Town! Ha-ha!

Brian KehoeI'm guessing you had a lot of fun in your fraternity in college. What was the best part of the experience for you and why would you suggest that someone join one?

The Sigma Nu chapter at the University of Nevada absolutely ran, and still does run the campus! The best part for me was the social outlet I was able to have, that non-Greeks didn't! The biggest misconception of joining a fraternity is that you pay for your friends. I tell people this, a fraternity is a business and a business has to run. The dues we paid each month go to different things the house needs to manage aka food, power for the house, and funds for different things. I highly suggest anyone who goes to college to pledge a house. It will bring advantages to your life that would not otherwise receive!

What did you study in college and why did it interest you?

Brian KehoeI thought at first I wanted to be an educator in secondary schools, but soon realized I would need a much higher paying job. I began taking business classes which also didn't interest me too much. Thank god for modeling!

What would be your second choice for a career?

If money weren't an issue, I would still love to teach and coach high school. If it were an issue, I've always had an interest in law. I think it would be cool to walk into a courtroom wearing a $3,000 Versace suit, slap my briefcase down on the table and just get right into debating my case. Hah!

Besides you, I also focused on Danny Nunez and J.P. Calderon this season. Tell me what you think about those two.

Danny and JP are complete a**holes and I can't stand either one of them. Just kidding! I caught your attention though, right? I love them both. If our ship was sinking, they are 2 people I would definitely save. JP is an amazing model and taking a great pic is so natural for him, and Danny has an amazing career ahead of him!

Chris JonesYou said in a recent interview that of the male models in the agency, you liked Chris Jones. What is something about him that you like?

When Chris and I hang out, we both really let our guard down and act like little kids. We're both just real goofy and we bring it out in each other. Chris also went to college so we have a lot in common. It's rare to meet other models who attended college first, so when I meet one who did, I often gravitate towards them.

What's been your favorite modeling assignment to date?

There wasn't very much airtime on this, but the Dragonfly "dead rockstar" shoot where I played Sid Vicious was FUN!! Portraying a different character is always an awesome part of the job, but to top it off there were 12 of the models from the agency making it an amazing bonding session by the end of the day. I really got to know some of the new models that day.

Brian KehoeYou have no hesitancy about getting naked in front of people. Why is that?

1) I think when a person is completely comfortable with themselves, nudity is not a big issue and
2) I don't think we models have a choice sometimes when it comes
to Janice (ha-ha).

You got in trouble with Janice several times during season three (the slapping incident, the Miami cocktail party, the Aussie Bum incident). Why do you think you get in trouble like this and did you learn anything from it?

I think me getting into trouble so much has to do with me trying to break the industry into Kehoe, when it is I who needs to break into the industry if that makes any sense. Yes, I learned quite a bit and hope to showcase a more mature and responsible self on Season 4.

If you had the power to hypnotize Janice for an hour so that she would do anything you told her to do, what would you make her do?

Brian Kehoe"Janice, undress yourself and make me breakfast!" Hahaha! I'm only half kidding, I have some insane sexual attraction towards my agent, but who doesn't? I think I've heard every guy model at one point or another (even the gays) say they would have sex with her. But in all honesty, I would love to have her tell me about the craziest parties, and the most insane people she hung out with back in the day. To see Janice Dickinson in a shoot back in the day would be an honor.

If you could have the superpower of flying, reading minds, or being invisible, which would you choose?

FLYING! No more planning my daily errands around traffic!

Tell me something that has really scared you at any time in your life.

Those creepy little guys who slide passed you on their knees at Knott's Scary Farm. If you're ever in the Los Angeles area during October, you MUST go!

What famous person would you most like to meet?

Michael Jordan

Brian KehoeMy most popular page since the start of this season of JDMA is "Brian Kehoe and a Dick in a Box". If you were to ever give someone one, could I at least have the packing material?

Better - I'll mail you the boxers I'm wearing right now.


rock_girl said...

hi brian... i think your hot especially when you are wearing underwear

Anonymous said...

hey Brian , if i could i would marry you ,to me you are the most perfect man ive ever seen :) ,and i admire you since i really want to be a model myself xx kisses

Anonymous said...

I never knew i wud say this to a guy...but you are undeniably unbelievably PERFECT! It was like lurve at first sight, sounds corny yea? but its true lol you are REaaaaaLLY gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Kehoe come to Hawaii and we'll keep you warm at night! Aloha baby and stay sexy. Love & kisses

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Putain sa mère il est trop beau =D
je le sur'kiff (L).
franchemant c'est le plus beau dans JDMA !!
bisoux, kiss, (K) <3