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Thursday, December 20, 2007

VJ Logan Out Of Sight

There appears to be some controversy concerning the recent victory by VJ Logan in VH1's reality competition show America's Most Smartest Model. VJ's win of the title has sparked a nasty backlash against him (and the judges, and the network, and the sponsor) on the VH1 message boards. While many of the messages can be immediately discounted since they are from women who state that they hope the allegations about Andre Birleanu abusing women are true and that they wish he would abuse them also, other messages continue to harp about the fictional story line created by the show's editors that suggested that VJ had somehow cheated on his way to the win.

It's hard to know how representative the writers on the message boards are of the public at large, but I think that VJ should not be sitting back letting it happen without sufficient rebuttals to tell his side of the story. He did make an attempt in his post victory blog post on, but even as a non-expert about public relations, I can tell you his words weren't enough for mollifying the angry villagers storming the VH1/VO5 castle. At this time, I am not aware of the existence of any other public communication that he has made that occurred after the airing of the show's finale.

Speaking of VO5, I looked for it at the local Publix store where I am vacationing because I wanted to get a shampoo that was safe for color treated hair. I didn't know if the brand offered that or not, but I thought I would take a look to show my support for the AMSM sponsorship. It was at the farthest point on the aisle because the products were arranged by price and at 99 cents, VO5 was the lowest. Well, they didn't have anything that said color safe, and I wasn't going to risk hurting my beautiful and expensive ash blonde with highlights on some 99 cent hair stripper, so I moved on. If a supporter like me won't touch the stuff, I wonder if VO5 will ever recoup their $100,000 prize and other promotional costs.