Monday, December 17, 2007

The Brett Novek Interview

One of the hottest stars in L.A., Brett Novek, shares some exclusive remarks with me and TV Trick's readers. Brett has recently been seen on TV on VH1's hit reality show America's Most Smartest Model. Since the show's taping, Brett has been in high demand and his star power has only been getting bigger. This sexy but golden-hearted young man can do it all. He models, he acts, he dances and he even sings (but only on request). The word is out that if you want your clothing line noticed, you need to dress Brett in it. Not only do people pay attention to the ads he is in, they demand to see them. When Brett pitches a product, whether you need it or not, you want it.

I have been watching AMSM faithfully (and writing comments here) and like most of the viewers, have had a soft spot in my heart for the ever so watchable Mr. Novek. Unfortunately, his last appearance on the show was in episode nine and that was too soon to satisfy the viewers' desire to get to know more about their favorite star of the show. To help his fans learn a little more about this dark haired prince and to soften the blow of no longer seeing him on the small screen (for now), I am providing some comments that Brett has made to me about himself and AMSM.

Brett NovekThank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share here on my blog some of your thoughts about AMSM and about yourself.

During the run of the show, I have referred to you as personable, nice, a gentle spirit, huggable, ethical, trustworthy, convivial, modest, restrained, take-him-home-to-meet-mother type, loyal, virtuous, loving, and charismatic. I won't ask you to confirm that I was right about these traits because I know you are a modest person. I will ask, to what do you attribute your having these good qualities, and how does a good boy like you do such an incredibly "sin"-sational job of modeling underwear?

I owe everything to my parents. They are the greatest people in the world. I know people say that often about their own parents, but if you met mine you would agree with me (hahaha). They always put me first and pointed me in the right direction. Thanks David and Robin. My brother Craig is the man too (haha). Can't forget you buddy. As far as the underwear. Have to give 60% of the credit to my parents. They say your body is 60% genetics. So the 40% I guess I do eat right and work out pretty hard.

Brett Novek
I hated doing it, but I gave you somewhat of a hard time in my comments about episode eight. In that episode, the alliance of you, Pickel, Andre, and Rachel discussed getting rid of VJ. For me, that was one of those reality show moments where you want to reach through the screen, shake your favorite player, and yell "What the heck are you doing?" At the time it didn't seem very Brett-like to gang up on someone else. I have since reconciled in my mind that your motivation was that you were trying to make things right by removing from the game what you believed was improper behavior by VJ. Am I right about that, and if so, why did you also join in on making fun of Angela's runway experience?

The alliance was more about us all being really good friends. I thought out of the 6 of us left in the house, the alliance that consisted of Andre, Pickel, Aussie and myself just represented real people. Here to compete, of course, but still hanging by one another. It was cool, the relationship us 4 had.

Brett Novek
Tell me something like a song, or a movie, or an event that has made you teary-eyed.

Cinderella Man, Lion King, The Notebook. All tear-jerkers for me (haha).

Did you have a pet that you named? What was it and what was the name?

I had a pet all right. Her name was Molly. She was a yellow lab. Crazy dog. My roommates and I bought her in college. What a cutie. I miss her. We gave her to an owner that could take better care of her since we were so busy with school. Miss ya Molly.

Do you have any phobias or fears?

No phobias. I would never go sky diving though. Not for all the money in the world.

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Please post more of the interview, or please just post more about Brett.

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Hi!! omg Brett,you´re so cutee and really hot!! =D
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