Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cole Escola At The Prom

Cole EscolaIn season one, episode one of Logo's Jeffery and Cole Casserole, Cole Escola looked for a date to the prom, and with Jeffery Self's help almost had his magical moment. In addition there were a few random skits showcasing Cole's acting and comedy forte.

1. Introduction

The show begins with Jeffery looking into his webcam and vapidly welcoming viewers, in a way like a simpleton child standing at the entrance of the trailer park welcoming home his neighbors. Jeffery introduced the name of the show incorrectly, but Cole, unperturbed and realizing that no matter what he may ever say on the series from then on he would necessarily be the smart one, confidently corrected him.

Hoping to draw some interest from first-time viewers, Cole excitedly announced that No Doubt would be on the show. Then more excitedly and somewhat intriguingly, announced/screamed that they would be set on FIRE! Jeffery didn't get it and not willing to show he didn't know what was going on, popped Cole and the viewers' balloon with his objection to the likely audience favorite of No Doubt immolation.

Cole tried to get the show back on track by gently leading Jeffery with the question of whether they should show a video first. Jeffery was unsure, blaming the amount of crystal meth he claimed to have done. Co-dependent Cole bravely continued through his wish list of guests he wanted to have in the epsiode, like Jennifer Aniston (doing her disappearing hula-hoop act), and Jim Varney, from the Ernest movies. The latter was more a laugh at Jeffery's expense, poking fun at Jeffery's Southern rural roots. Jeffery didn't get it, first focusing on the security of knowing his meth dealer's phone number was stored in his blackberry and like himself was always available, and second, fondly reminiscing about and relating to Varney's character in The Beverly Hillbillies.

Fed up with Jeffery's lack of enthusiasm, even after he suggested the innovative notion of having Ellen DeGeneres throw marbles at his head, Cole exasperatingly asked Jeffery to think of something interesting to hook the audience. Jeffery tried his best not to be terminally boring, but he droned on an one while Cole fell asleep. Fortunately, Cole salvaged the intro with his bright smile and made sure the rest of the episode had some funny moments.

2. Wake Up Wisconsin

The first skit was a parody of a local morning talk show. Jeffery did an impression of an impression of an impression of an impression of a male host (and yes it was that bad). Cole played the female host role, and with his visual gag of clothespins for earrings, was the centerpiece of the piece. Jeffery claimed stereotypically that a Hispanic man sexually assaulted him, but with that kind of setup there really wasn't an opportunity for Cole to do a humorous retort.

3. High School

Jeffery and Cole sat on the stairs at school and Jeffery asked Cole if he would be attending the prom. Cole reminded Jeffery that he have to be because of the lawsuit. Cole ate a cracker and noted that it tasted like an elbow. The assessment made Jeffery want to eat the elbow flavored cracker that had been in Cole's mouth. Jeffery grabbed and ate the cracker, and after agreeing it tasted like elbow, wanted another.

4. Jeffery's House

Cole joins Jeffery in a sleepover at Jeffery's house. They lied in bed and played the child's game of "marry, sleep with, or kill". Jeffery started with the list of Shelley Long, Shelley Duvall, or Shelley Winters. Cole complained that he hated when Jeffery played the Shelleys. Jeffery asked sinisterly if Cole would prefer the Kathys. Cole remembered when Jeffery had held him at knifepoint, asking who between Kathy Bates and Kathy Najimy Cole would consent to kill. Traumatized, Cole agreed to do the Shelleys.

The game was interrupted by Cole's prom date ringing the doorbell. Cole went to the rooftop to speak with the young man. The date sadly told Cole that due to a urinary tract infection and the resulting peeling of genital flesh, he would be unable to take Cole to the prom. Devastated the news of how it would affect his prom plans, Cole understandably told the date that if he should survive, Cole never wanted to speak with him again. Jeffery consoled Cole by promising to find Cole a replacement date.

5. Enter The Old Show Queen

Cole showed his comedic genius doing a Leslie Jordan like character. Jealous, Jeffery bitched that Cole's portrayal was a stereotype and his performance was the reason gay people could not adopt or get married. Cole kept riding his prancing pony and finished his bit, to the audience's delight. Jeffery had a Salieri-like epiphany of his relative talent and stared silently into the camera.

6. High School (part 2)

Filler, involving poison darts. Think interlude, but rarified by Cole's awe-inspiring emotional performance.

7. Jazz

A tribute to 20's jazz, performed on the rooftop. Perhaps entertaining to some, but much too Un Chien Andalou for my tastes.

8. Cole! Get Outta There

Cole fits himself into a number of tight spaces, including a carry-on bag. Travel size gays are the best.

9. Untitled

Jeffery called Cole and asked him to meet up at the designated spot (The Wall of Respected British People). Jeffery tried to act clandestine, but Cole wasn't having it. He was his usual buoyant self. After seeing Jeffery's sunglasses, Cole ran off and got himself a pair (and a cap and an apple and a gun) while Jeffery impatiently waited at the wall. Cole accidentally killed a woman with the gun and Jeffery freaked out and wanted to leave. Cole gave a riveting, emotionally charged reaction to the death of the stranger, insisting that regardless of the turn of events, they should stay and complete their plan.They didn't complete the plan.

10. Snack Break

Jeffery walked his gangly body into the room while wearing only underwear. The appetite in any viewer for a snack quickly passed.

11. Jeffery & Cole's Football Game Half-Tie Show

In their underwear, Cole sensuously danced with arousing artistry while Jeffery sadly managed barely to shake himself. Cheers and jeers, respectively.

12. Cole's house

Jeffery went to Cole's house to let him know that Jeffery had dropped his prom date so he could take Cole instead. Cole gleefully exclaimed that it would be "just us girls". Jeffery said he hated when gay men talk like that. Cole gave a prayer to Liza and Lorna for Jeffery's soul and got ready to go.

13. At The Prom

Jeffery and Cole were unable to enter the prom due to them not being on the guest list and not being students at the school. Cole's photo of Bonnie Hunt was found not to be an acceptable form of identification.

14. End

Jeffery wanted to do a Carol Burnett scrub woman ending, but Cole sweetly ignored him. Cole sang a few notes showing his vocal talent, and Jeffery warbled a few unpleasant sounds.

More to come.


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