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Monday, March 10, 2008

MMAS: Making The Sale

In episode nine of Make Me A Supermodel, it was all about selling. Selling clothes and selling themselves to the judges and to the viewing public. The last thing is of course the most important and those that have not paid attention to what they have said on camera will sooner or later bear the consequences.

With the bottom three from the previous week being Ben DiChiara, Casey Skinner and Frankie Godoy, it was a obvious choice for Frankie to be sent home. Ben and Ronnie Kroell anchor each other as does Perry Ullmann and Casey. Frankie, on the other hand, lifts right out. There are other models I would rather have seen leave before him, but I can understand that he was never going to be the overall winner, so leaving in seventh place isn't much different from leaving in third or wherever else he might have placed.

Back at the ranch, the other models maintained their catty ways by verbally using their claws on those away hearing their fate and on each other. It strikes me that the models who insist that everyone would back stab each other are actually the ones most likely to do it. Perry stood out as someone who believes in the good character of his buddies in the house and in doing so, shows his own good character as well.

Ronnie appeared to be particularly negative about Shannon Pallay. It's strange how much air time the show gives to negative comments about her. Couple that with her badmouthing of others and the quarrels she gets into with Perry and it all does not bode well for her if she should be up for the vote. Her unpopularity ranking is likely to be high.

The photo assignment this week was "fashion on film", where the models would do a video catalog for clothing. Reminds me of the Shai Wear video of several years ago, which had two guys going all the way (but starting out dressed in the seller's clothing). Something like that would be perfect for Ronnie (with Ben), not so perfect for Ben (with Ronnie). When the director asked to see a scene with a pair of lovers, Ben sort of volunteered to try it with Ronnie. While virginous Holly Kiser covered her eyes, Bronnie went at it. Ronnie went into a dream-like state of ecstasy while Ben did foreplay for a standard prison rape. My thought was that this was not a act of love but rather an expression of power. But I'm sure the difference would not have mattered to Ronnie during that brief moment of Southern fried simulated sentiment.

The director asked Perry to do a look expressing being jealous over another guy. If only he could have been told about girlfriend Amanda Pagel and Adnan Ghalib. Then he could have really showed it with no effort at all. At the end of the episode Perry actually got a call from Amanda, who only said that she was part of big celebrity story but wouldn't or couldn't tell Perry anything about it. If I were her, I wouldn't care how much I was pushed into it, I still wouldn't have called my boyfriend and told him something so pointless and unnecessary.

Jennifer Starr took the models to Bloomigdale's, where they met its Fashion Director, Stephanie Solomon. Stephanie said the store's brand identity was energy, glamor, and fun. I think she meant tired, overpriced, and boring. There is no glamor in the Macy's universe.

The models got to pick out outfits and then go sell the clothes a lunch audience of loyal customers. Ben wasn't allowed to do it because of his bad attitude. He said he didn't like selling clothes. Can someone please explain why Ben is even in a competition to be a model? Did no one explain to him the central concept that the clothes are the stars and having models in them is only optional? Maybe Ronnie could explain it. He really put himself out there with the male shoppers. Stephanie correctly pointed out that he was en-gay-ging.

The catwalk assignment was "timeless elegance". Boring. Ronnie did his waddle walk on his first try, which is not a good look. He did much better on his second walk, although his did that droopy thing with his face muscles and open mouth.

Niki Taylor had a birthday party during this episode and the boys decided to create and sing a song for her as a present. It was cruel to make her listen to it but it was just. The sound of that cacophony was suitable revenge for the guys who have had to listen to her meaningless drivel.