Saturday, March 8, 2008

Digest Of Week Ending 03-07-08

Sunday, March 2. This Week With George Stephanopoulus. 60 Minutes. I'm not sure how much bias has been shown before by the national media for either of the two Democrat candidates for President, but now it really seems to me that the media is going all out to help prop up Hillary Clinton. It's hard to say whether it is based on a desire to keep the competition alive or because the New York and Washington based media powers-that-be are showing their hand of who they want to win. Either way, they should just butt out and let the voters decide.

Big Brother 9. I had to look at the James Zinkand adult video on the internet to see the mutual BJ scene. You need to have a strong stomach because it is as creepy as he is.

Beverly Hillbillies. The Rasslin' Clampitts beat the Boston Strong-girl and her family. Classic.

Quest For The Lost Ark. Archeologists show that they are willing to accept any theory, anything, as long as it isn't what the Bible says it is. If you want to know what the Ark looked like, just open the Bible and read it. The description is very explicit and there is no reason to think that it is inaccurate on this point.

Monday, March 3. The Royal Family. It's good to have these backstage views of the Royals to show that they are not, as Prince Charles stated that people might otherwise believe, aliens from another planet. I liked that the Queen was firm on her boundaries with Annie Leibovitz (who still took fantastic photos anyway). I don't like bossy photographers.

Tuesday, March 4. Lots of primary election stuff on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. I can't say I was happy with the results.

Big Brother 9. Matt McDonald doesn't like Natalie Cunial chasing after him. She provided him sexual relief on camera because she wants to satisfy her man. She needs to get some self-respect. Their relationship is shaping into a Fatal Attraction: "I'm not going to be ignored, Mattie!" BTW, Joshuah is kind of insane.

Wednesday, March 5. Big Brother 9. Thank goodness that it's back to the original format, with the players playing individually. It might actually become enjoyable to watch the rest of the season.

Moment Of Truth. Bring on the bread and circuses. The end of civilization has begun.

Project Runway. Christian Siriano was the right winner among the final three. It was pretty clear throughout the season that he was the one to beat.

Gauntlet III. It was so sad to see Ryan Kehoe leave. It looked like he put up a good attempt with Nehemiah in the Gauntlet. I really don't see any reason to watch any more of the Veterans' march to victory with Ryan gone.

Thursday, March 6. The Apprentice. The celebrities got to meet Donald Trump's wife Melania and son Baron. Ivanka and Don were there and they looked like they wished they could say "You're fired" to the little half-sibling upstart competitor. The celebrities had to sell art and I agree with Trace Adkins that some of it looks like a three year old threw up on a canvas. In the boardroom I didn't appreciate Trump and Omarosa's problems with gay people. It think it should have been edited out.

Friday, March 7. 20/20 A woman had a medical condition that caused her to smell like a fish. I thought that was a condition that all women had.

Saturday, March 8. Saturday Night Live. Amy Poehler's imatation of Christian Siriano was tranny fierce!