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Friday, October 12, 2007

Most Hottest Male Models

I saw a recommendation for VH1's America's Most Smartest Model and decided to give it a try. I saw that it included seven hot male models so how could I pass it up? I couldn't care less about female model shows (ANTM comes to mind), but the shows that focus on or include male models have been pretty interesting (e.g Manhunt, Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency).

As the title suggests, the premise of the show is to find the model that has the best combination of beauty and brains. The genre is reality competition with both contests and conflict in a shared living space. The action is mildly amusing and the personalities so far are so-so, but the real draw of the show is watching people who have had the world handed to them on a platter suddenly having to struggle for something. Also, its more entertaining seeing models knock each other rather than lesser mortals who may only be speaking out of resentment. Oh, did I mention that some of the men are gorgeous?

jeff pickelMy favorite is Brett Novek (pictured, top right). Besides being a super stud, he's one of the more personable, and seemingly nice people on the show. Its refreshing to hear him tell his peers that he regards himself lucky and thankful for what nature gave him. It could be a real act but he comes across as a gentle spirit.

Another one of the boys is Jeff Pickel (left). He seems as nice as Brett, with an absence of any arrogance. He has beautiful dark eyes. They are limpid pools of both sexual energy and frivolous effervescence.

The third of the hotties is VJ Logan (below right). The show presented him in a way to make it seem doubtful that he would win anything based on brains. He told the co-host Ben Stein that his family were not native born Americans because they were from California. The appearance was created that models just need to be good frames to drape clothing over. Hoosier connection: when asked to list as many states as he could VJ elevated Indianapolis to statehood.

vj loganThere are two losers on the show. One is Slavco Tuskaloski, who was also on the show Kept. He's disgusting. To the show's credit, he got kicked out after only a few minutes into the first episode.

The other bad spot is a self-proclaimed Soviet, Andre Birleanu. He deliberately makes himself look like king-sized commie a-hole. His body is well cut but above the neck it is all thug. A bag over his head would not be enough to do him but maybe a cranial iron curtain would work. Brett said he thinks Andre must be from Chernobyl. During a spelling bee he misspelled retardant, which is apropos as he seems way retardant.

In depth coverage and photos of -> America's Most Smartest Model.


Anonymous said...

I gotta disagree about the vj incident. If you remember, ben stein has a pretty dull voice and if you're being asked "Native born Americans" (which could be easily confused with native americans) and are nervous, you may mess up too. Later on, it seems that he isn't dim when he wants to go study...just saying...

Anonymous said...

Brett's not only the best looking person on the show but he has personality and smarts to match. He may not be the smartest one on the show but the little he lacks in smarts (very little only to daniel and jesse) he exceeds by far in looks. Winner in my books hands down!!

Anonymous said...

I love your analysis of the show each week. Please don't stop. Brett is my favorite too. I'd like him on a plate with a Pickel on the side.

Anonymous said...
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