Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gev Manoukian Gets The Message

I work hard during the week and I didn't think it was too much to expect from network television and the American people that they allow me to keep the highlight of my relax time, which up to now has been the weekly performance by Gevorg "Gev" Manoukian on FOX'sSo You Think You Can Dance. Alas, my fellow citizens have not considered my feelings in this matter. In another explicable example of voting in the United States this year, Gev received the lowest number of votes in the top 5 guys and so was eliminated from the competition.

In my opinion, Gev was definitely the best all around entertainer and performer in Season 4 of SYTYCD. He follows in the footsteps of Nick Lazzarini from season one and Benji Schwimmer from season two. Unfortunately, perhaps because of his foreign origin or some other unknown reason, he wasn't able to go all the way to the end.

Gev is described as being born in Kazakhstan, but what isn't mentioned is that Kazakhstan was still part of the Soviet Union when Gev was born. The fall of the Soviet Union was good for the world no matter what, but whatever role that played in helping Gev get to the United States makes it even sweeter.

Gev's primary genre is supposed to be break dancing, but he showed that he could do every style beautifully. Whether it be contemporary, Broadway, cha-cha, jive, rumba, or disco, Gev was amazing in his rendition. Especially in something like Broadway, Gev looks like a new Gene Kelly. It's just something wonderful to watch.

Good things do come in small packages, and Gev's shorter stature didn't hurt him at all. If anything it made him even cuter. His butt, hips, arms, and shaved chest and the way he moved them, along with his delightful personality, made him the complete package.

It's hard to pick one of his performances as my favorite, but I really like the Indian routine that he did with all of the other dancers on the results show where he lost. If you play it back and focus on Gev, you will see just how much he threw himself into the job. He always had a passion for all of his work and you can see how he adds extra touches to set him above the other four guys that were left on the show. The open shirt was a nice touch also.

Fortunate is his partner, when Gev gives "the message". Anyone that can afford it should get an Armenian dancing boy.


Fatin Husni said...

I love reading your post and I am a big fan of Gev. It's too bad that he didn't made it to the final. I love Gev, his dance, his look and his body. He is terrific in every part of 'em :-)