Friday, March 21, 2008

Digest Of Week Ending 03-21-08

Sunday, March 16. 60 Minutes. One of the segments was on sleep deprivation, something I know too well from staying up writing this crap instead of going to bed. I know I need to sleep more and be online less. I just need some internet gum or an internet patch to get me over this addiction.

Big Brother 9. I was sweating it out, waiting to see if James Zinkand or Natalie Cunial would get HOH. Thank goodness it was James. Anything that ends up hurting Matt McDonald is good to me. Even though James made a deal with Natalie not to put up her or Matt, hopefully he will at least back door Mattie. I don't like the way Matt uses what may be an emotionally damaged person. James kept his word, putting up the ancient skank Sheila Kennedy and the double-crossing Ryan. Obviously Nat and Matt would have been my first choice but these are my second.

Monday, March 17. Ellen. I had to watch David Hernandez' appearance. I was sad to see him leave American Idol, but hearing him sing on Ellen made me realize he probably isn't quite ready yet for a competition with live performances and also realize that yelling on pitch can be overdone.

Tuesday, March 18. American Idol. I couldn't believe it but David Archuleta actually brought tears to my eyes with his performance of "Long And Winding Road". I am so ready to buy his CD right now.

Big Brother 9. It was sickening to see Matt act like he cared about Natalie. That sentiment should last about 48 hours, tops. It was also nauseating to see Sheila apologizing to Adam Jasinski for the awful way she treated him early on, not that I care now. I was too busy counting the wrinkle rings on her neck.

Wednesday, March 19. Survivor. It was stated that given a chance, Erik Reichenbach would wed Ozzy Lusth. Who wouldn't? Well, maybe just long enough for the honeymoon sex. I think irreconcilable differences would be inevitable after that.

Big Brother 9. Thank goodness Matt is out. He was strutting and bragging last week when he thought he had bested Joshuah Welch. Now he has gotten his comeuppance. The buzzard Sheila tried to stir up trouble again and she needs to go. Dumb HOH Adam will probably keep her despite all the terrible things she said about him at the beginning of the season.

American Idol. It occurred to me that David Archuleta and Ramiele Malubayr are just like human beings, only smaller. Once again the person going home was not the worst. In case anybody wonders, Amanda Overmyer does sound like a lot of people from Indiana.

The Tonight Show. Ryan Phillippe is still hot. I liked the stretchy slacks he was wearing but the severe crotch seam seemed to bifurcate his heavy equipment area. It looked painful although it did show that he dressed on the left.

Thursday, March 20. Celebrity Apprentice. I've hated this celebrity version of the series, but once I started it I felt like I needed to finish it. This episode at least had something redeeming in it. It was hilarious to see Trace Adkins, an actual star, trying to deal with the demands of the has-been Backstreet Boys, who were supposed to be doing something for charity. If they wanted special drinks and treats they should have brought their own instead of having a rider filled with ridiculous items that would only be appropriate for a musical group that people still remember (which is not them).

Friday, March 21. Free Radio on VH1. I gave this show a chance because it stars Lance Krall, who I liked as "Kip" on The Joe Schmo Show. I was disappointed to find out how dumb this show is. I'm sure some people will find it funny, but I think Lance should go back to being a gay Cuban.

20/20. The show was devoted to the subject of prostitution. Host Diane Sawyer at least admitted that there are male prostitutes but said the show would only focus on females. It's easier to preach a moral message when the subjects are women. Speaking of looking like a tired old hooker, Diane Sawyer needs to get more sleep.