Saturday, March 15, 2008

Digest Of Week Ending 03-14-08

Saturday, March 8. Mad TV. It was a clip show of past sketches, which was a reminder to me of how good the show was before it was hijacked by Bobby Lee. His characters are so unfunny and it is ridiculous to make almost every sketch something about Asians just to suit him. Is he getting all the airtime by blackmailing someone or is it because he works cheap? Mad TV has a history of losing the actors that get too popular. Presumably they want more money than the show is willing to pay.

Sunday, March 9. 60 Minutes. There was a segment about two lawyers that deliberately kept a secret for 26 years that allowed an innocent man to stay in prison. It shows how evil you have to be to be a lawyer. Hopefully something in this life will give them a taste of the cruelty that they inflicted and may the furnace of Hell give them both the eternity of unimaginable pain they deserve.

Big Brother 9. I could have done without seeing Joshuah Welch's morning routine of shaking his spare tire. He is an interesting character but he seems to be following the Dustin Erikstrup path to eviction. He needs not to show himself as a power center. Also, I don't think it was fair that the meeting of the "bros" didn't include the 'mo. Sad note: the house stalker Natalie Cunial is so embarrassingly stupid, counting 27 letters in the alphabet by including the "and" between "Y" and "Z".

Monday, March 10. There wasn't much on so I just watched the news channels to see the election stuff.

Tuesday, March 11. American Idol. It was nice to see an update to the set and the opening animation but what really needs to be replaced is Ryan Seacrest's "This -- is American Idol." I don't like the way Ryan talks anyway, and that line and the way he contorts his mouth to say it is like nails on the chalkboard. Thank goodness for fast-forward. David Hernandez spoke about working at a pizza parlor. Pizza Boy, He Delivers. He worked the stage, showing himself as a charming performer. Overall though, it was boring. David Archuleta was as cute as ever, but his performance was not good at all. It contained several major flaws.

Big Brother 9. Sheila Kennedy received the resurrected red unitard from season 8. As I mentioned last year, most people would rather have seen the red unitard as one of the two finalists that season instead of both of the Donatos. Not sure why "Mrs. Robinson" was played as Sheila put it on. Anne Bancroft was sexy but Sheila is a scag.

Wednesday, March 12. Big Brother 9. Natalie acts like a psycho slut, once again showing the inadequacy of the psychological testing of show applicants. I had hoped that Alex Coladonato would come back to the house but I was unhappy to hear him talk about supporting Matt Mcdonald. Matt is a terrible person for several reasons. He uses a mentally unbalanced person for sexual and personal gain and he called Joshuah a bad word. I was so glad that the houseguests voted back James Zinkand (since it would screw over Matt a little). Julie Chen asked who looked better in the red unitard, Sheila or Jen. How could anyone say that the old Medusa/sea hag hybrid Sheila could look better than Jen?

American Idol. It was so sad seeing Jim Carrey whoring himself by wearing an elephant costume for Horton Hears A Who. How the mighty have fallen. It was even worse to see AI take their finalist slaves to shill for the movie while wearing mini elephant ears. David Archuleta, little baby gnome, said how glad he was to meet Jim Carrey because he was one of David's favorite actors. I didn't realize David had progressed past cartoons yet. David Hernandez ended up in the bottom three, but his performance was pretty bad (both nights). I was sick to my stomach that he left. He has lots of charisma and could have done very well.

Thursday, March 13. Celebrity Apprentice. Why am I still watching this? I don't care about any of the "celebrities" and the tasks are stupid. They sold $2 sandwiches at Quiznos. Now if the chain would actually sell sandwiches for $2 I would eat there at lot because I like their food. I think their prices are a little too high for fast food.

Friday, March 14. 20/20. There was an episode about age of consent laws. My view is that when both partners are at puberty or beyond, it is ridiculous to treat one as a victim and one a perpetrator. At whatever age it is illegal to engage in sex, the law should apply to both partners equally. The teenage partner in the Beltway Sniping case was treated as an adult defendant even though his partner was an adult. Right now a teenager can willingly choose to commit murder of innocent people, but cannot choose to get busy.


Grahamburger said...

It absolutely made me sick that David Hernandez left too. I think it probably had more to do with the way the media handled his stripper past than his performance, and that's a complete shame.