Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Brett Novek Raging Red Robe

Brett Novek and Jeff Pickel put up for auction their personally designed red fighter's robe from episode six of America's Most Smartest Model. There was no reason or purpose stated for the decision to sell such a unique memento from their adventures on their show. It had appeared to be a favorite item to Brett, as he was seen wearing it around the AMSM house even after the competition that it was created for was over. But for whatever reason, Brett decided to let it go and some fortunate fan on ebay was able to acquire it for the sum of $520.

Frankly, I kind of would have liked to have it myself, but I felt I would have probably sent it back after awhile to Brett as a present and let him keep the money. I think I would have felt too guilty to hold on to something that would have meant even more to him than to me. I also don't need any more celebrity memorabilia. I have autographed stuff in the closet and in boxes from auctions of other reality show and Olympic objects. Anybody want some Danny Roberts pillows?

I did think of something that would be worthwhile to bid on. As entertaining as Sarah Silverman's "I'm F***ing Matt Damon" and Jimmy Kimmel's "I'm F***ing Ben Affleck" are, an even better one would be a similar video with Brett Novek. Of course, the transitive action of the other two is too coarse for our Brett, so maybe something like "I'm Flossing Brett Novek" could be substituted. For the opportunity to star in the video with my hero, it would totally be worth spending all of my economic stimulus rebate and federal income tax refund. Hopefully, Pickel and Mary Alice Stephenson would agree to do a chorus of "He's flossing Brett Novek."

Brett Novek interview on BlogTalkRadio


Anonymous said...

I'm in!!