Saturday, September 29, 2007

Strike It Up

Somehow I found myself watching The Ultimate Fighter show on SpikeTV. There are several things wrong with that. For one, I'm clearly not in SpikeTV's target demographics. Second, I find any fighting "sports" to be a byproduct of a personality disorder and not something to be watched.

The ostensible purpose of the show is to pit 16 mixed martial arts fighters against each other to find "the ultimate fighter". The winner gets a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship organization. To win the fighters have to beat the crap out of each other. However, since it is a reality show, most of the show is about the personalities and the conflicts between the contestants who are forced to live together. If it weren't for the kicking and the punching it would seem like a dozen other reality shows. Of course in this show the players are all men. Ho-yay!

I generally don't find faces showing signs of being pummeled attractive, but I think one decent guy out of the bunch is Matt Arroyo (pictured). If it weren't for his compulsion to hit people, he would be alright. He considers himself a computer nerd that enjoys using MySpace. He also sold insurance for a year and a half before his love for Brazilian jiu jitsu led him to teaching mixed martial arts full-time. I can understand - a Brazilian could get me to make major life changes also.

The question in my mind is why straight guys would not want to watch two gay guys pounding each other, but they would want to want two straight guys going at it. I think they might also appreciate Matt's looks a little. His interview video on SpikeTV's site was watched more than any of the other fighters.