Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Big Brother 8 Bites The Big One

BB8 ended with the Evil Dick as the winner. He and his dickette daughter used the inherent advantage of a familial relationship to beat the other 12 contestants, who entered the house knowing no one or worse, knew another contestant as a sworn enemy. It's not the first time that the producers have cast people with preexisting relationships in order to add some contrived excitement, but it's the first time that two family members made it to the final two. The result was well described by Dick after he evicted Zack (leaving only Dick and his daughter Daniele): "Who cares what happens after this?" Too true. Why even air the final two shows after that? I would rather have just seen two hours of house guest Mike doing his grooming routine (pictured here).

The producers need to go back to letting it be a straight up game instead of inserting "twists" that can lead to such an awful finale. No more X Factor, pairs, or twins, and definitely no more "America's Player". How can BB be considered a competition show when viewers are allowed to effect the outcome of the game? Technically, the producers are not allowed to influence the outcome so that the viewers don't lose faith in the integrity of the show. Even though in this case it is the viewers influencing the results, it would seem that they would still be less likely to watch this kind of show if it were considered to be blatantly fixed.

Gratuitous picture of Mike.
I give kudos to the show for casting two gay men to live in the house together, even though it was done because they were known to be enemies and the producers hoped for the queen of all bitch-slapfests to occur. Dustin and Joe made for good TV and it would have probably been even more entertaining and twisted if Joe hadn't gotten knocked off so early. They could have fought over Nick, the man who pined for Daniele but who had no problem talking about his boink list of men he would share Y chromosomes with. What would be even better in the future would be to have two attractive gay men who don't know each other be house guests and see if they develop a sho-homo-mance.
Dustin assuming the mounted pawn position.
Straight Nick doing that gay thing with Joe.

The U.S. version of Big Brother is quite conservative compared to other versions in the world when it comes to baring flesh. Our networks' standard and practices would not allow any exposure of naughty bits. There is occasionally an accidental revelation of secured body parts on the internet feed, but they are rare. I suppose some people watch the live feed hoping to see some untanned swatch of skin of the contestants or maybe catch them in a compromising position. Do these people know that there are like 100,000 other sites on the web where they can see a lot more being spread at any time of the day?

It must be noted that one of the more popular characters in the house this season was not a person, but the red unitard. Jen, Zach, Jessica and Dustin all couldn't resist the desire to have this single piece of clothing against their skin. Imagine a finale with Dick and the red unitard as the final two. Would the four affected members of the jury vote for Dick for game play or for the 'tard and the bittersweet memories they held of its tight embrace. Now that is a finale I would much rather have seen that this one.