Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Janice Dickinson And Martin Ritchie

In season four of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, one of the new models is Martin Ritchie. Besides being attractive, Martin appears to have a big personality, which is important for being on a reality show. He also seems like a nice person and I hope that we get to see a good amount of him on air.

He said on an Oxygen.com interview that his guilty pleasure is cookies. He has to grab some whenever he goes to the store. Martin is known to be of the gay persuasion, so if by "cookies", he means "penis", and by "store", he means my bedroom, I think I could really like this guy.

Martin Ritchie happens to be deaf and he has mentioned that it has caused him to be transparently discriminated against at auditions. Nevertheless, Martin maintains a positive outlook on life and points to his casting on The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency as evidence that perseverance and a good attitude can lead you to achieve your dreams.

In an interview with The Dallas Voice, Martin told of his background. He was born in Lakeland, Florida, but considers himself from Austin, Texas, where his mother still lives. He decided his career would be in modeling (with dentistry as his second choice) and he moved to Hollywood to try to get his career started. He has never been an Abercrombie & Fitch model but in the meantime, he did get as far as working in one of their stores.

He had auditioned for Janice Dickinson but had been rejected at first because he had a "muffin top," which is to say too much flab in the abdomen. After working on his abs he did get picked for season four and was selected to move into the model house with Janice and her other favored models.

In that Dallas Voice interview Martin Ritchie was asked what his idea of a date from hell would be and he answered, "Broken chairs and tables." I don't know if that would be from someone being clumsy, or from a brawl, or just wild sex, but I imagine that Martin has learned by now that if you chain the date to the table or chair before you surprise him with the dripping hot wax, make sure the furniture is sturdy.

On Martin Ritchie's relationship with Janice Dickinson, he told OK! Magazine that Janice is like a second mother to him and that during their time together in the model house she showed him love and affection. Martin said, "I used to have many daydreams of her becoming my mom and knowing that her children must be very grateful and happy to have her."

I had previously mentioned that I also wish that Janice were my mother, but that is so that she would buy me things and introduce me to her male models.

It should be noted that Martin Ritchie appears on adult web sites as “Pauly” on CruiserBoys.com and "York" on Boyride.com but I think he looks a lot better in the publicity shots for Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency than he does unclothed on those sites.

I'm a sucker for good people, with good personality that persevere against adversity and from what I can tell, Martin Ritchie should be one of my favorites this season and provide some interesting scenes for the show.


Joseph said...

Wow, I didn't want to believe when I saw a naked pic of Martin in another site, I mean I kept telling my self that it wasn't him, but to see him now on those sites that were mentioned here makes me fell so bad for him. I met the kid when he got to Hollywood and used to be roommates, he always talked about how low you had to be to be on porn, but I guess he reached the low.