Thursday, February 28, 2008

The True Life Of Aaron James

Aaron JamesWhen I saw that MTV's True Life was doing an episode on sex industry workers, I hoped that there would be a segment about a male performer. MTV did not disappoint as they included Jet Set Men's Aaron James (aka AJ on cd247). It's about time the guys got some exposure, so to speak.

Mainstream media doesn't show performers from the all male segment unless it has to do with a scandal. That's unfortunate because there are some interesting stories to be told.

Aaron starts out with a bang by shaving his chest hair in the shower in front of the camera, (while stating that he doesn't shave his nether region because hair is back in.) He talks about his start in the business in a strip club and proceeding on to adult video. He claims that he is a straight man being only gay for pay. I note that this is contrary to Donald Trump's advice that to be a success you have to be passionate about what you do. Perhaps you can also be a success if someone is passionately doing you.

Aaron is shown doing kitchen prep for a scene to be shown on the internet. Having seen the unexpurgated scene before, it was interesting to see the dress rehearsal (as in rehearsing while dressed). My eyes started getting really wide when shirts started coming off and boy tongues started touching other boy bodies. You don't see that every day on basic cable.

The meat of the story though is Aaron's journey back to New Oxford, Pennsylvania to reveal his career in a no-collar job to his family. He feels quite comfortable with his source of income and wants to bare that part of his life to the people back home.

First to know is his sister, who seemed confused when Aaron showed her the graphic representations of his employment, but not terribly upset. She looked like she just needed time to figure it all out. Next was a cousin, whose face looked like he was watching a Lifetime movie during the big reveal instead of hearing it in real-life. The cousin's comments showed that he was mainly concerned with the effect on Aaron's future, which was nice that he cared about Aaron foremost.

Aaron went on to Las Vegas where he did promotion for JSM's On Fire! He had the opportunity to talk about his family problem in his hotel room with some of his co-workers, including Dean Phoenix. I know if I had a problem, Dean is someone I would want to talk to about it. Seriously. He's always seemed like such a nice guy and I think he could really get inside me.

Unfortunately, weeks later Aaron went to PA to see his cousin and the cousin apparently didn't want to see him at that time. Aaron went back to his sister's home and talked about it with her. By this time, the sister couldn't care less about Aaron's vocation. When they were talking you could see how close they are. I think she would be a lot of fun to be around and together they look like a really cute family.

The end credits stated that Aaron moved back home to Pennsylvania and his cousin is okay with him again. It may not be quite the same as having an American Idol finalist from your towm, but his neighbors should appreciate that a star is a star.


rose said...

aaron james is so sexy! i wish i could meet him!
this is a girl btw!
and i think his career is soooo fascinating!

J.T said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm not fat, but I'll never look like him. I'll admit that he's attractive. Hell, I'd love to have his body. If I could trade bodies with him, but had to have that same career, I'd have to give it STRONG consideration.

I wonder how my wife would feel about that...