Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Brett Novek Raging Red Robe

Brett Novek and Jeff Pickel put up for auction their personally designed red fighter's robe from episode six of America's Most Smartest Model. There was no reason or purpose stated for the decision to sell such a unique memento from their adventures on their show. It had appeared to be a favorite item to Brett, as he was seen wearing it around the AMSM house even after the competition that it was created for was over. But for whatever reason, Brett decided to let it go and some fortunate fan on ebay was able to acquire it for the sum of $520.

Frankly, I kind of would have liked to have it myself, but I felt I would have probably sent it back after awhile to Brett as a present and let him keep the money. I think I would have felt too guilty to hold on to something that would have meant even more to him than to me. I also don't need any more celebrity memorabilia. I have autographed stuff in the closet and in boxes from auctions of other reality show and Olympic objects. Anybody want some Danny Roberts pillows?

I did think of something that would be worthwhile to bid on. As entertaining as Sarah Silverman's "I'm F***ing Matt Damon" and Jimmy Kimmel's "I'm F***ing Ben Affleck" are, an even better one would be a similar video with Brett Novek. Of course, the transitive action of the other two is too coarse for our Brett, so maybe something like "I'm Flossing Brett Novek" could be substituted. For the opportunity to star in the video with my hero, it would totally be worth spending all of my economic stimulus rebate and federal income tax refund. Hopefully, Pickel and Mary Alice Stephenson would agree to do a chorus of "He's flossing Brett Novek."

Brett Novek interview on BlogTalkRadio

Monday, February 25, 2008

MMAS: Walk With The Animals

Ben DiChiaraIn episode seven of Make Me A Supermodel, it was all about animals and fear and sometimes fear of animals. Sometimes it was unclear which species was more scared of the other, but at least both the models and the animals were clearly smarter than the variety of judges used as adjudicators on this series. The producers could have saved some money and provided more insightful comments if they had hired a parrot in place of slow talking Tyson Beckford. Hopefully the models will realize that they need to just talk to the public through the camera and not pay attention to the inane utterances of the judging panel.

The opening dismissal was a contest between those with diminutive names: Frankie Godoy, Ronnie Kroell and Stephanie Bulger. This week the smallest of the small, in total votes, was predictably Stephanie. As I mentioned before, there was no way the viewers in this show's demographics were going to keep a blah girl over these two guys.

Frankie GodoyThe models got a hair trim from Anthony Barrow of Cutler Salon while Frankie got a major whack job. Cory Bautista of New York Model Management told him it was time to lose the Fabio look. Considering that the long hair is a major part of the Frankie image it was big decision for him to decide whether to do it or not. Knowing that hair will grow back but reality tv competitions are once in a lifetime (not counting series with all-star editions), Frankie went ahead with it, and personally I think the shorter hair makes him a lot better looking. He felt unsure of himself when looking at the result but resident philosopher Casey Skinner eased his mind by wisely pointing out that "Fabio is what's inside". Casey may have gotten that from a fortune cookie but it sounded good anyway.

The fear that Frankie had of losing his hair led to a discussion about what the other models' fears are. Casey presciently declared his biggest fear was snakes. The next day the models were taken to an outdoor location where they were told that their photography assignment was to pose in a tank of water using a large snake for a prop. The models were allowed to see the snake up close and Casey begged it not to kill him.

The photographer was a real jerk. An automated shutter could have done his job. He was totally unable to do his task of getting the models to create a good photo. To make it worse, he just deflected his own inadequacy by blaming the models. Maybe he just needs to get an Instamatic camera and start learning his craft from scratch.

Two days later, the models found out that their catwalk assignment was to work with giant headpieces. Living mannequin Niki Taylor offered the best piece of advice that her blond mind could think of: "It shouldn't wear you, you should wear it."

Perry UllmannTo make the assignment more challenging, the models also had to take an animal with them down the runway. The various animals were assigned by random drawing and Perry Ullmann got the pig. The little oinker performed about the same as the one that Brett Novek got on America's Most Smartest Model, which is to say that models and pigs don't work well together. The piglet's greatest fear apparently was doing runway and his porcine screams caused him to be replaced with his understudy goat.

The models completed the catwalk as well as they good, and unfortunately Perry was the most affected by bad behavior of his animal. It didn't want to walk or even be dragged but Perry did what he could. The judges used the opportunity to try to humble him. Cory said that Perry's photo was weak even though the photographer had said otherwise and then the other judges piled on in a blatant effort to shake up Perry. I assume that they knew that the exercise they were attempting wasn't going to knock out him, one of the top contenders, so they felt free to put Perry in the bottom three just to teach him a lesson.

The most interesting part of the judges' question period was when Ronnie was asked who should be in the bottom three and Ronnie finally and fully threw roommate Ben DiChiara under the bus as I had previously predicted he would do. Ronnie also was able to get a dig in during Perry's inquisition, showing he is the master manipulator of opinion for this voter driven contest.

The bottom three are Jacki Hydock, Ben and Perry. Once again, the unappealing girl with two popular guys doesn't stand a chance. Bye-bye Jacki.

Monday, February 18, 2008

MMAS: The Models Act Up

Perry UllmannIn episode six of Make Me A Supermodel, it was all about acting. Or at least having the models act like they could act. The only ones that seem to have talent in that department are Perry Ullmann, doing actual characters, and Ronnie Kroell, being conniving in his manipulation of situations and other models.

At the start of the episode we got to see which of the previous week's bottom three got the ol' heave-ho. Katy Caswell thought she should stay because she "didn't do anything wrong this week". What she did wrong was end up in the bottom three with Ronnie and Frankie Godoy. There was no way that the straight female and gay male viewers were going to keep her over the two guys. Sure enough, Katy stayed awake just long enough to be shown the door and the express car to oblivion.

For this week's photo assignment, the models went to the Bleeker Street Theater to do scenes where they could show drama, movement, and a sense of story for the photographer. The models did their work in groups of three and the first group up was Perry, Ben DiChiara, and Jacki Hydock. Perry again showed he is the best actor. Jacki, on the other hand, had to play someone who was bitter, which was not really a stretch for her. Ben was suppose to act like he was trying to keep them from fighting but he acted more like a school crossing guard than a prison guard.

The second group was Ronnie, Frankie, and Holly Kiser. Basically, it was an example of the worst kind of backwater community theater. Yawn. In the end, the photographer declared Perry, Holly, and Shannon Pallay as the top three.

Later, for Valentine's Day, the men made dinner for the women. After dinner, the models received video messages from loved ones and Ben got a message from his wife April. I assume she was specifically not allowed to tell him to tell Ronnie to keep his hands off her man. Perry didn't get a video, but instead he was allowed to talk on the phone with his girlfriend Amanda Pagel for their one year anniversary. He and the viewers were treated to some incoherent gibberish from her that for some reason made Perry appreciate her more. Seeing Perry's satisfaction makes me think that maybe I've set my own standards too high, expecting people actually to form complete sentences.

Ben DiChiara Ronnie KroellThe catwalk assignment this week was about "walking drama". The models paired up for the assignment and each duo drew a specific theme for their walk. Ronnie and Ben got "rock stars" and Perry and Casey Skinner got "high society". It should be noted that Jacki was the odd woman out and she drew "executive bitch". Again, not a stretch.

At the catwalk Frankie did a good Errol Flynn while Perry and Casey did a satisfactory set of foppish characters.

Ronnie and Ben as "rock stars" were just tragic. Ronnie's facial expressions made him look like a stroke victim. Ben just strolled through the motions. When the judges criticized Ronnie (and questioned him on whether he had a deal to help Ben win), Ronnie made comments that showed that he was ready, willing, and able as soon as the moment was right to throw Ben under the bus if it would help him, Ronnie, to advance.

Ronnie and Frankie fell into the bottom three again, this time with Stephanie Bulger. Bye, Bye, Stephanie, for the same reason why Katy was voted out when going up against these two guys.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Janice Dickinson Does More Miami

In season three, episode ten of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, the episode begins where the previous one ended, at the start of a surprise fashion show for Ed Hardy intimates and mens underwear. The surprise was on the models, not Janice or the hundreds of people who came to see the show at Mansion nightclub. Considering how unhappy Janice was when she was ambushed into being in front of the camera for the Ashley Paige shoot, it should be surprising that she would do the same kind of thing to her models, but fortunately everyone seemed to be okay with it and a job's a job.

Nathan Romano, director of sales for Ed Hardy Lounge, made the announcement to the models. He's one of those extra characters on the show besides the models that are kind of hot themselves. He's pretty animated and me likey him.

Sorin Mihalache, Janice's strange, one man Romanian retinue, said, "You coming at a party and they tell you, are you guys ready for a job? Why not? Hello?" Unfortunately for Sorin it looks like Eastern European gay adult video is going down in popularity so he may have missed the boat on his real career potential.

J.P. CalderonWhen the show started J.P. Calderon was the first one out on the runway. He said, "I just threw off my robe and got really into it." (By the way, I had the same experience during a colonoscopy.) Danny Nunez let us see that he has a great walk. He also let us see his little Danny for a fraction of a second. (This is why you need Tivo to watch JDMA and to slow down the scenes with the naughty bits.) Payton Brady went out and really flirted with the audience. He had no problem flaunting his pubic protuberance and his gratifying glutes. He is the young Elvis (minus singing, music, and clothes).

The next day the models went to the Custo Barcelona casting for their in-store look book. Getting ready for it, nearly invisible Billy Marquart actually got a chance to say a few words to the camera. The show needs to give him more exposure. He represents the Midwest and there are no other natural looking male blonds.

Brian KehoeThe casting session didn't go very well. The Custo Barcelona people were looking for four girls and two guys. When they were looking at the guys, Brian Kehoe took off his pants and showed that he was wearing Aussie Bum. Now no self respecting person should ever wear Aussie Bum, especially since that company had previously disrespected Janice. Janice speculated that Kehoe had done it to get more attention from her, his showbiz mom. I would have taken him over my knee and spanked him until I was satiated, but Janice got some scissors and just cut off the offending material. She let loose her inner mohel and left Kehoe content in his natural state holding his own.

There was some interest in Dominic Figlio, so he was asked to pose on the wall to show if he could give a more European look. He gave them a self-styled "Figlio Special", which appeared to be some form of catatonic expression. He didn't get the job. In the end, J.P. Chris Jones and Payton Brady were selected.

That night the models went to Halo, a gay nightclub. Grasie took the opportunity to ask Kehoe once again when he is going to come of out of the closet. He talked about his feminine side and then danced for awhile with Chris Jones. He asked Chris, "Why don't the boys hit on us yet? Where are the boys at?" (Well, even Connie Francis knew the answer is Fort Lauderdale.) Chris responds by throwing out his rod and reel and catching (surprise) Sorin.

Brian Kehoe
A lot of the episode was about the two day shoot for Custo Barcelona, which was uneventful. The important stuff came right at the end when Janice and her lawyer let Peter Hamm know about Janice's intent to dissolve the partnership. Peter suggested that the partnership agreement may not have been clear on how the assets should be be divided, so there may be fight between to make a settlement. Sounds like a good starting point for a season four.

Monday, February 11, 2008

MMAS: Ronnie Becomes Fashion Weak

In episode five of Make Me A Supermodel, it begins as they all do with a discussion among the models of who from the bottom three is most likely to be eliminated that week. The models know that the determination is totally controlled by the votes of the viewers, yet for some reason they continue to talk and act as if the contest for votes is affected by ability or effort. Well of course it isn't. It is dependent on how interesting and personable the character are. With the bottom three being being Casey Skinner, Jay McGee and Katy Caswell, it was a foregone conclusion that Jay would be eliminated, which he was. Regardless of how well Jay did in the challenges, he just never exhibited anything interesting about his personality that would cause enough people to make the effort to vote to keep him around.

My theory is that some of the models do realize the need to engage the audience but they remain coy about it, not wanting to divulge their own strategy to their competitors. Perry Ullmann is a good example of someone who understands how the game is played. He stays out of the bottom three by being a great model, but he also makes sure that the viewers see what a warm and witty personality he has, thinking ahead to when he will need viewers' votes. He mentioned the problem that the girls are having with this concept when he talked about their personalities being on milk cartons (because they are missing). He's right. Some of girls will be heading home soon from lack of personality more than just their looks on the catwalk.

Ronnie KroellRonnie Kroell is another one that is smart enough to understand what to do. He has tied his wagon and chances on to the inherent advantages that his roommate Ben DiChiara has going for him. Ben is in law enforcement, married to a longtime sweetheart, has a good natured personality and comes into the contest as an underdog. These are strong advantages and using his analysis of the situation, Ronnie practically begs the viewers to see them as a pair so that they will keep Ronnie in as long as Ben is there. My concern for Ronnie though is that this may help in early on but eventually the pawing and manhandling he does of Ben is going to be increasingly annoying and the viewers will tire of it enough not to vote for him.

The focus this week was on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Bryant Park. The sponsor keeps changing to be what ever company wants to shell out the money to have its name attached to the event. I'm waiting to see Tostitos Fashion Week or Dr. Scholl's Fashion Week. The models get to see a runway show and Ronnie became overwhelmed with emotion from the experience. I was once next to the tent at Fashion Week but it was by accident as I was wandering around that part of New York in February without a map looking for touristy things. I don't recall becoming teary-eyed from the close encounter but it was probably because I couldn't have cared less.

Ronnie Kroell
The models undergo more catwalk training and Ben continues to show consistent improvement. On the other hand, something not good is going on with Ronnie. I don't know if it is something I just never noticed before, but where did that spare tire around his midsection come from? And did he always have those child-bearing hips? His outline is awful and not like any runway model I'm used to seeing.

Ronnie KroellLater in a game of "Most likely to...", Ronnie starts to show that his confidence is waning. Besides being criticized during the catwalk training, he got tagged in the game as "most likely to have been an ugly child". Meanwhile, his true biggest competition, Perry, was labeled "most likely to succeed in life". To make himself feel better, he took the label of "most likely to be two-faced" and with the most bizarre definition of the term ever, said he had to put it on Perry. He said Perry is "a thinker and he's always watching and always thinking and that in this game is two-faced." WTF? I believe in Psychology 101 I learned that this would be called "projection". The next morning Ronnie continues to ponder Perry's chances and he disingenuously tries to manipulate Ben into thinking that Perry is manipulative.

The boys got their chance to put their catwalk training to use at a real show at Fashion Week at there I really felt embarrassed for Ronnie. His clothes looked like they were several sizes too small. His walk looked more like a waddle. His overly developed chest (for a male fashion model) was too prominent. It was all terrible. Ironically, Ronnie had ridiculed Katy for eating too much and not exercising enough but it looked like he had the weight problem this week.

All of the models got one more chance to show their catwalks skills when their did their walk for the judges. The had to do New York downtown grunge. Unfortunately, just when I thought it couldn't get any worse for Ronnie, it did. Horizontal stripes and stretch fabric made him look water retentive. It was almost as if he were wearing jodhpurs, but it was just his bloated self making it look that way. Needless to say, Ronnie ended up in the bottom three.

Ronnie Kroell
Considering how well Ben is doing, it will be interesting to see if Ronnie survives whether he will continue to treat Ben as an ally or as a competitor.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Janice Dickinson Does Miami

In season three, episode nine of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, Janice reveals the first step of her new master plan. She has decided to experiment with bicoastalism. To test the Atlantic waters she intends to take some of her models to Miami for a week to assay the market and if there is a strong enough interest then she might consider opening a branch office there. She can only take her top models, so of course her final selection included Brian Kehoe, J.P. Calderon, Danny Nunez, and Payton Brady. Strangely, when she listed for the camera the models that she had selected, she had a special adjective to describe Kehoe, but it was bleeped out.

Many of the models in the agency were excited about the possibility of going to Miami, which I find funny because I lived in South Florida for many years and I think there would be plenty of people there excited about traveling to California. The grass is always greener on the other side of the country. Janice listed off the attributes that she liked about Miami, such as the ocean. I've never been to California, but isn't that big blue thing to the west of it an ocean also?

Another important component of Janice's plan to rule the world is to make her business partner/archenemy Peter Hamm permanently disappear. As an opening stroke, she meets with Jason Otto of Otto Models to discuss collaboration and he is receptive to her suggestions. She wants to use Jason's modeling business acumen to handle her needs that Peter has been unable to satisfy. Jason agrees to something and they seal it with an embrace. I looked at Otto's web site and frankly his guys are nowhere near as good as Janice's so he might get something out of this if can borrow her boys.

J.P. CalderonHurricane Janice arrives in Miami and breezes through various media outlets to let the city know that she had arrived. Meanwhile, Peter handles a pre-screening with the most important potential client of the trip, Custo Barcelona. There was a situation normal (all f'd up) with Peter not letting all of the models even know the screening was going on. Traci Moslenko told her roommate CC Fontana about it after it had started, but CC figured out that something wasn't right and began being suspicious of Traci. Like a cigarette ash in a trashcan, you know that there is a good chance this is going to flame up later.

There is an interjection of a non-sequitur scene where Janice talks about her pet, Sorin Mihalache. She has been using him as guard dog for show only, but she decides to have him somewhat trained by a security guard whisperer. Sorin and the teacher practice security by tossing a randomly selected hysterical queen out of the room, presumably for additional comedic relief on top of the comedy that is the show itself.

Brian KehoeBack to business, the models go to a cocktail mixer to meet agents and clients. Janice gives a pep talk to them and preaches once again the principles of the Women's Christian Temperance Union. Once the party starts, Janice is surprised to notice that her models are not socializing outside their own group. She doesn't realize that the reason that strangers don't speak to another on a subway or an elevator is because there is no wet bar in them. Alcohol is the lubricant for the tongue and a few of the smarter models try to bend the rules a little to really get the party started. Kehoe gets a glass of wine with a little more in it than what could be sucked out of the cork. Hawkeye Dickinson quickly sees the misstep and has Kehoe escorted from the party. She later walks out and berates him and his buddy Chris Jones some more. Kehoe responds by skipping step one and going directly to step two: recognizing Janice as a Higher Power.

Afterwards the models party the night away in one of their hotel rooms, far away from Janice's suite. The ember that started between Traci and CC gets hot when CC confronts Traci about lies that Traci told about her to casting person Ethan. The show's video crew tapes the confrontation, which quickly peters out, but the producers missed a great opportunity by not pulling the two girls aside and signing them to finish their fight in a cage mud wrestling match. Such a show could have easily been the highest rated show ever on the Oxygen channel.

The episode ends with the Janice taking her models to get the de rigueur South Florida early-bird dinner, and then on to salsa dancing lessons. Finally, on the dance floor, we get to see Danny Nunez show some movement and not just going from one stiff pose to another. Janice humorously did her impression of Elaine Benes' dance routine. The night was later capped off by the announcement of a surprise underwear runway show at the Mansion nighclub. It's good to know that the next and final episode of the season is guaranteed to show more flesh and bare hineys. Hopefully it will have enough to keep us going until season four.

Danny Nunez

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ryan Kehoe In The Gauntlet III

I've been watching The Gauntlet III on MTV, the latest Real World/Road Rules Challenge. I'm not sure why I am watching it. I've seen the same kind of fights and hook-ups with a lot of the same people many times before and there is nothing really new here. As near as I can tell, I think I am watching it to see Ryan Kehoe, one of the "Rookies" (pictured here). He had previously been on the Fresh Meat season of the Challenge as one of the contestants added who had never been on Real World or Road Rules. He didn't last long that first time out, but he seems to be doing better this time around.

There's been so many of these challenges with so many of the same people, I don't always know from the commercials when they are starting a new one or repeating something I've already seen. It's hard to tell from the name either, because they rotate different versions of it and bump up the number suffix. I try to watch one episode in a season to see if I'm going to find interesting and most importantly, whether it contains any people I can't bear to watch (e.g. Wes).

Although I have no idea who some of the contestants are, I'm surprised how many I do know from previous seasons of Real World and Road Rules. I've watched both Real World and Road Rules since their first seasons, although less of Real World starting with Las Vegas and lately not at all. Road Rules was fun but then it went on hiatus.

The lack of new cast members from Road Rules being available to add to the pool of challenge players was one of the reason's that MTV had to bring in "Fresh Meat" like Ryan Kehoe. Ryan has am interesting back story, being a former boyfriend of Road Rules "Campus Crawl" cast member Shane Landrum. They both appeared in Fresh Meat and at the time Shane had nothing but bad things to say about Ryan. To me, Shane's comments only made himself look like a sad and bitter person who wanted to tear down the reputation of an old flame. From what I can see on television and elsewhere, I think that Ryan seems like a fun and normal person and Shane is just an old crank.

I might be a little biased because Ryan looks, talks, and acts just like a former boyfriend of mine. Unlike Shane, I have no ill feelings toward my guy, so I have only affection for his look-alike.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

MMAS: Body Art

Ben DiChiaraIn episode four of Make Me A Supermodel, it was all about the models being works of art. But like contemporary art, I don't see most of these models as being suitable to have hanging around. The female models are still bitchy and most of the male models are made to look incredibly boring. At least there was some excitement when one of the girls got slapped down when she insinuated to Ben DiChiara that he was sleeping with Aryn every night. The prison guard in Ben finally came out and he told her to shut her f-ing mouth. I'm sure that scene prompted fantasies of rough jailhouse sex with Ben in some of the viewers after they watched it. Of course if they watched for a few more minutes they would have seen Ben back to being sweetness and light with Ronnie Kroell, saying "All we got is each other." That is like a double dose of anti-Viagra.

Fortunately the visual stimulation quickly returned with a trip to an art class where the models got to pose au naturel. Frankie Godoy couldn't wait to disrobe while Casey Skinner was a little more hesitant. Ronnie did his business and Ben got stiff. However, the real stand out for the boys was Perry Ullmann. If you recorded the show, you can slow down the quick glimpses of the students' sketches, and assuming that everything was drawn to scale, you can see that Perry's package took up the most space on the paper. Nice.

Perry Ullmann
The photo assignment was dull, doing pieces of a portrait. The training assignment was a lot more interesting with the models working together to form a living sculpture. They get covered in body paint with some cool decorations and they walked and writhed in front of a gallery audience. A little post-production lighting special effects made this scene probably the most interesting scene of the season so far.

Ben DiChiara
Afterwards the models had a theme party back at their townhouse and it gave Perry Ullmann another chance to show what a great personality he has and what good acting ability he possess. He can do a number of funny looks and voices. He can so look so stern in his photos and it's nice to see how personable he can be away from the camera. At the party he hung out with the other guys and they talked about how much they liked each other. Perry was lying on bed during the conversation with Casey behind him and the camera angle created what I think must be an illusion. If you look at it, it looks like Casey is playing pocket pool with Perry. If he were, Perry has great control to be able to continue a conversation the entire time and still keep in character.

Perry Ullmann
The catwalk assigment was to act like a walking sculpture. Perry did a superior job, which inspired Tyson Beckford to express his man-love for him. Tyson: "If he [Perry] were a girl, I'd date him. He's an amazing looking guy." Well, finally there is something I can agree on with Tyson.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Danny Nunez Interview

One of the best parts of season three of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency has been the addition of Danny Nunez to Janice's impressive stable of virile and well-built male models. To capitalize on Danny's charm and good looks, the show wisely made him the center of attention for several of the most memorable scenes of the season, including the art class, the Andrew Christian shoot, and the Rufskin Denim adventure. The inclusion of him speaking to the camera presented an opportunity for him to show a quiet and refreshing modesty that belied the natural and exciting sensuality that he brought to every assignment.

Having covered here the more interesting aspects of JDMA 3 and Danny's part in it in particular, I am happy to have the chance to share Danny's responses to some questions I recently posed to him.

How does it feel to be one of the top stars of season three of JDMA? Were you surprised that you would end up being so prominent?

Surprised!?!? Heck yea, I first came onto the JDMA show not knowing what I was kinda getting myself into.

Before you started modeling, what was it about it that made you think you would like doing it?

Thinking to myself that I didn't want to end up working hard on my knees, and also thinking that if I were not to model now I would have to start school and I wasn't ready for college yet. I wanted to explore a few things before I would just have to concentrate on the text books.

You've stated that your first dream was to play football, but due to an injury you turned to modeling. Beside football and modeling, what would be your third choice?

My third choice is to become a stripper! Ha! Just kidding. It would be to go to school and study a major. I would have to become successful, somehow.

Danny Nunez
Based on your experience, what do you find to be the best and the worst part about being a model?

The best part of my modeling experience is getting to see new faces and to travel the world. The worst part of being a model is that it only lasts so long, but I'll still keep hustling.

You seem to be very willing to do whatever you are asked to do, including getting naked. You don't seem like someone who would be as comfortable being naked in public as say, Kehoe. How do you psych yourself to do it?

I don't get why being naked is such a bad thing to society. I'm pretty sure that everyone was born naked with no clothes. Just show off what your mama gave ya!!

One of your well-known scenes this season was the Rufskin shoot. Were you at all surprised at how great the photos turned out with you and some of the other male models? Although the theme was not something that you were familiar with, were you able to figure out how to relate to it to get the right expressions?

The Rufskin photo shoot was probably one the best experiences I could ever have, even though I wasn't comfortable in the beginning. I still had a money sign on my mind. Modeling is basically acting but in a photo, kinda gotta ask yourself who's Rufskin marketing this to, and what do I want to make out of it. Once someone can find that, it's unstoppable.

Danny Nunez
You were very attentive to anything Janice had to tell you. What did you think about her before joining the agency and has your opinion changed any since?

No, I never really didn't care. Gotta be down for anything.

Besides you, I also focused on J.P. Calderon and Brian Kehoe this season. Can you tell me what you think about those two?

Kehoe and J.P are two really cool people. When I was new to the agency, they made me feel very comfortable... very nice, introduced themselves, never thought anything bad of them.

It is said that still waters run deep. Tell me something important about yourself that hasn't been shown on the air that would help people know better what kind of person you are.

I look insane, but I'm really deadly. I have a mentality: anything you can do, I can do better.

Danny Nunez
What famous person would you most like to meet?

Lil Wayne

What's your favorite food?

My favorite food is CUBAN FOOD, the best. If you haven't tried it, you're missing out!

What's your favorite pick-up line (not necessarily one that you have used)?

Did you call for UPS package or something, because I can't help but watch you staring at my package. I can help you place it in your garage. I also handle with care.

How would you describe your best friends, in general? How would they describe you?

Don't care about anything. Gotta be down for everything. To my friends, it's hit it, quit it, don't admit it. Ahhhah!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Janice Dickinson Does Vegas

In season three, episode eight of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, Janice and some of her models travel to Las Vegas to do a runway show for Ed Hardy. Christian Audigier, the head designer for Ed Hardy, had selected some of Janice's major models, including J.P. Calderon, Payton Brady and Dominic Figlio. While the combination of Janice, good-looking models, a Frenchman client, and Vegas could have created some wild action, for the most part everyone was well-behaved.

Briank Kehoe was strangely not picked for the trip, so he took the opportunity during that time to finally work up the nerve to ask Traci Moslenko out for dinner so that they could get to know each other better. He's so polite and romantic and she looks like the girl next door, so visually and on paper they seemed like a perfect couple. They go for a picnic up in the hills where they feed each other strawberries as the sun sets. Unfortunately, although there's a time for everything, Traci didn't realize that being on a date with one guy is not the time to talk about a previous date with another guy. She confessed that she had been out with Janice's son, Nathan. Kehoe largely kept his emotions in check although it was apparent he was crushed on the inside after hearing the news. He also realized his predicament of trying to compete for a girl with the boss's son. The date ends with but a G-rated kiss.

Brian Kehoe
Speaking of the son, Nathan now lives on his own and so he and Janice went shopping for furniture for him at IKEA. Can you pick out the two things expressed in that statement that are just seriously wrong?

The models fly to Vegas for the show and after arriving at the Venetian, they had their first afternoon free to lie by the pool. While some of the female models deliberately were aloof, acting like they had railroad ties stuck up their ass, Payton Brady was off by himself being very young and not acquainted well with any of the other models. J.P. noticed this, and as the kind-hearted and generous person that he is, went out of his way to converse with Payton and make sure he felt included. J.P gave him advice about pursuing one's dreams, but unfortunately didn't advise him against wearing t-shirts like the "Jesus, sweet saviour, king of kings" orange shirt, styled to look the Reese's peanut butter cup logo.

J.P. Calderon Payton Brady
Elsewhere at the pool, Janice did her ongoing Carrie Nation impression by pouring Rodrigo's lemonade and vodka into the water. Extensive plastic surgery good, alcohol bad.

In the hotel, J.P. reflects on the awkwardness of being in the same room as Rodrigo, since from J.P.'s perspective he was happy with the one date that they had, didn't want to go out again, and really didn't want to explain why he felt that way. Perhaps one way that Rodrigo could have made J.P. feel less awkward would have been to tell J.P. how it felt to bufu Eddie Stone in the video Stone Fox. There's nothing like a story of participation in an adult video to break the ice.

The models finally do the show and it is a success. The theme was "Mad Max". Payton looked good with that mop top on his head kept under hats. J.P. had an improved look with his hair pushed up and not the usual slick down. Dominic Figlio came out on the runway shaking his junk and carrying a rifle, proving that he speaks softly and carries a big gun.

Dominic Figlio
Most embarrassing moment: Joe Monbleau grabbing his crotch in front of the client, in order to show, I don't know what. Joe was the one that needed the prostheses for the Andrew Christian shoot so it doesn't make sense to call attention to that area.